twinge in a sentence

Example sentences for twinge

At this instant his left arm was laid hold of, and he felt a smart twinge of pain in it.
The use of the word trashy caused a sharp mental twinge.
He said that this could be only a twinge of pain or could last for a couple of hours, and occurred once or twice.
About three weeks after the work incident the claimant was bowling when he felt a sharp twinge beneath his right shoulder blade.
The sensation of getting stung ranges from a twinge to tingling to savage agony.
Many who have insurance run to the doctor for every little twinge.
Environmentalists may feel a twinge of fear at this burgeoning romance with motoring.
There is no incentive not to indulge the slightest twinge.
The corruption in these bad old days was so brazen that the reader cannot help feeling a twinge of admiration.
The resort to euphemism denotes, no doubt, a guilty conscience or-the same thing nowadays-a twinge in the public-relations nerve.
It was an entirely normal twinge, something that happens when nerve endings are healing.
He tried to raise his head and look-perhaps ask something-perhaps a last twinge of fight-and then he was quiet.
The first sign is often a twinge in your knee or your back or some stiffness at the base of your thumb.
We should be able to remember the loss with a twinge of sadness.
So you could forgive these running regulars for feeling a twinge of locals-only resentment at the coming invasion.
To get a five, the entry had to completely capture my attention and give my creative soul an energizing twinge.
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