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Example sentences for twiggy

To find out, scientists presented some twiggy-looking caterpillars to two sets of hand-reared chicks.
All the leaves will soon fall, and the thinner, twiggy branches can be cut back to the more swollen parts.
Remove small twiggy branches inside the plant to promote good air circulation.
Avoid shearing azaleas since it results in a proliferation of unhealthy, twiggy growth.
Avoid shearing since it promotes compact, twiggy growth and injures leaves, making them unsightly.
Makes a dense, wide bush but not excessively twiggy.
Slender stems stay green even in winter giving the plants a twiggy appearance.
However, not all of the needles drop cleanly until the following spring, and mature trees are quite twiggy as well.
More importantly, shearing causes the lower part of the shrub to become bare and twiggy.
These plants can be shaped into attractive, fire safe specimens by pruning dead and excessively twiggy growth.
Plants with thorns, dense and twiggy shrubbery, and mounded groundcovers can guide pedestrians to their destinations.
To accomplish this, refrain from planting roses too close together and remove twiggy growth and foliage near the crown.

Famous quotes containing the word twiggy

One of those sombre fir and spruce woods is not complete unless you hear from out its cavernous mossy and twiggymore
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