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Wanda then picked up a small twig, perched herself on a sapling branch, and poked her stick in a downward direction.
Traditionally, biologists have celebrated the trunk, branch and twig system of a tree as no accident.
He could scarce believe his eyes when he found a twig of an oak, which he plucked from the branch, become gold in his hand.
The disease is caused by a non-native fungus which is transmitted by small twig beetles.
At full size, all but a few squeeze through holes in the caterpillar's skin and spin a cocoon on a nearby twig or leaf.
You'll also need pliers for bending wire over twig bundles.
The only identifiable object amid shards of wood was a twig wreath with red flowers.
The only flowers are the icicles on the eaves and the beads on each twig.
Each twig is linked to other twigs through a shared ancestry.
However, we're not talking about a broken twig or a pebble dropped in a stream.
The finished ant raft is quite buoyant, as the researchers found out after attempting to sink a raft with a twig, pictured above.
The spider darts out of its burrow and attacks the twig.
Now every aristocratic twig has to have a shop or a career.
If they are well received, they stick a leafy twig in the roof over the cottage door.
Each of those questions is a twig on a sprawling schematic known as a fault tree.
Pine-cone reproduction botanical prints come in twig frames.
How ambrosia beetles differ from walnut twig beetles.
Anthracnose may also be expressed as a twig blight, when the fungus grows from infected leaves and into the twigs.
The insect overwinters in the twig and the beetle emerges the following summer.
Infection can then spread to the twig and form a brownish oval canker.
The walnut twig beetle carries a fungus that can form thousands of cankers under the bark of host trees.
Deer browse the plants and ruffed grouse eat the leaves and twig tips.
The leaves are alternate, linear and flat with blades generally spreading around the twig.
Homes-Animals live in holes high in trees or near the ground, in leaf or twig nests in branches and in thick brambles.

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