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Oh, for the chance to go back and relive the past and not make the same mistake twice.
To create two-tone pops, make two different recipes and use twice as many molds.
Though lawns do need lots of water, many gardeners are too generous, often providing twice the amount the lawn really needs.
Sleigh rides are offered twice a week, and there's a hoot-and-holler of a tubing run with big banked turns.
About twice the house, and no costly house renovation.
For uniform texture, ask your butcher to grind it twice for you.
Water once or twice a week during the summer, less often in the cool months.
Hotel concessions and beachfront joints often charge twice what you'll find off the boardwalk.
Yep, you could hike around here all summer long and never tread the same path twice.
Most varieties of fig trees bear fruit twice a year, giving us two seasons.
Bordering the bed is a chamomile lawn that's mowed once or twice a year.
But sadly, this was before the day when one couldn't be tried twice for the same offense.
Use any type of container that's twice as wide as it is high.
Domestic ducks should always be well cooked, requiring little more than twice the time allowed for wild ducks.
Beware of enemies reconciled and of meat twice boiled.
Finely chop meat, and add it to twice the amount of finely chopped apples.
The sun when setting makes the increasing shadows twice as large.
To marry once is a duty, twice a folly, thrice is madness.
Dieters who wrote down everything they ate had twice the weight loss of other people following the same diet.
Indeed, when it comes to walking, penguins expend twice as much energy as any other terrestrial animal of the same size.
At age eight, mixed-handed kids were about twice as likely to have language and academic difficulties as their peers.
But with exercise training, the doping mice ran twice as far as their equally trained, drug-free buddies.
The monkey comes up to smell the yellow and blue flowers twice and each time sneezes.
These critters would ordinarily think twice about approaching the plants.
These mice, when untreated, showed more than twice as much wall thickening as normal mice.
His team found that as these veterans aged their cognitive function declined almost twice as fast as that of their peers.
Fuel-cell-powered vehicles could offer more than twice the efficiency of today's autos.
The remaining questions were how long the band should be allowed to play and whether the piece should be performed once or twice.
Folsom now houses almost twice as many inmates as it was designed to hold.
So the decision is made: he will get it twice as many times.
When the peas are done, drain them and add them to the stew, stirring once or twice.
If you tax it more, then you are taxing the income it produced twice.
Twice the maturation time means twice the feed, twice the labor, and higher costs for physical infrastructure and other overhead.
During the height of the bubble, sales were around twice what they were last month.
Their mouths are so big and their bodies so pliable, they can actually swallow prey up to twice their own size.
She leaves the cave twice each night to feed, returning to nurse the pup.
After being shot at twice, but apparently unhit, the croc dropped the arm.
Bobcats, sometimes called wildcats, are roughly twice as big as the average housecat.
Only twice has a president's party gained seats in his first midterm election.
And with these icequakes doubling twice in little more than a decade, there is growing concern.
Tapping the hood twice, he waved us to the side of the road.
Then, after the researchers highlighted that section of the diagram, twice as many people figured out how to do it.
Here again, in these fish, evolution has repeated itself twice in the origin of the same trait.
Others might lack the ability and give up after trying once or twice.
He spent millions, over twice he was legally obligated to in his contract with the city, and finally had to give up.
It was a humbling sensation to stand between the creature's paws, each twice my height and longer than a city bus.
Independent from the start, he ran away from home twice.
Throwing an extra engine in a car won't make it run twice as efficiently.
The new design generates as much power as a conventional wind turbine with blades twice as big in diameter.
The system will also pay for itself about twice as quickly as conventional solar photovoltaics will, he says.
In addition, the electricity option would be twice as effective at reducing greenhouse-gas emissions.
Because this leaves permanent scars, patients can only undergo this procedure once or twice.
Company officials say that current prototypes demonstrate twice the energy density of lithium-ion batteries.
Any film maker knows that it would nearly be impossible to get the same shot twice.
There were twice as many people in the first group than the second.
It doesn't redo old ideas, revisit threadbare conceits, or remake twice-told stories in a tired way.
When he tried to grab it back, she slapped him twice.
So, nature is doing twice as much service for us as the economies of the world.
And it's true-this made our lashes seem twice as long.
She went on to run for mayor and then ran for state legislature twice, coming close to winning on the second try.
After all, photo-ops are the lifeblood of the film festival, and you don't want to be snapped in the same outfit twice.
Every two years you get twice as much computer power and capacity for the same amount of money.
He has twice been told that he will not leave the camp alive.
You'd think twice before sitting, and if you did sit you'd want to leave immediately.
During this period they filed twice for bankruptcy protection.
Jeb attempted suicide twice, once nearly successfully.
Add marinade and turn chicken once or twice to coat.
Spoon batter into pan and rap pan against work surface once or twice to eliminate air bubbles.
Spoon batter evenly into pans, smoothing tops, then rap pans once or twice to expel any air bubbles.
The driver stopped twice en route to telephone in his road progress.
Not standing in the heat of an oven twice the size of a refrigerator.
Previous estimates had ranked vehicular accidents as more than twice as likely as suicide to be responsible for student deaths.
The administration knows how to do this, because it's already done so-twice.
If my frankness made some think twice about applying for openings at two-year colleges, well, good.
If he did, he might have to spend twice as much as he already does.
Their main complaint is that foreign employees doing the same job receive twice as much in wages.
On the other hand, the debt is well covered: gross household wealth is eight times income, twice what it used to be.
The productivity of industrial laboratories today is twice what it was a couple of decades ago.
But they took twice as long to complete a washing cycle.
He can play almost anything after hearing it once or twice, and he can seamlessly trade fours with musicians he's never met.
He was rejected twice before getting in the back door, as an auditor in the theory program.
Marcus tried hailing a taxi in the traditional video-game manner: firing his service revolver twice into the air.
And since you rarely see the same configuration of instruments twice in a row, you rarely hear the same kind of jazz.
Her right arm was twice its normal size, her left eye would not open, her legs were bleeding.
Few would question looking at a great painting twice, or watching a favorite movie again and again.
Multiple generations of this procedure makes them live better than twice as long.
It comes twice each day--early in the morning and again in the evening.
The drugged minnows appeared lethargic and took twice as long to react to stimulus, making them much more vulnerable to predators.
There's twice as much evolutionary distance between these new organisms in this one pool than between us and plants, she says.
Although the patient had lost the equivalent of all her blood twice over, she did surprisingly well.
These days he's much more careful about blurting out the obvious, but wrong answer and he's even finished first once or twice.
Twice she had to be admitted to the hospital because she could not keep any liquids or anti-retroviral medications down.
Bleed trapped air from hot-water radiators once or twice a season.
They found that in ant-free areas, the fake fruit received twice as many pecks as the fruit in areas swarming with ants.
That's twice the amount recommended by the government.
On average, they consume roughly twice the amount their bodies need.
Twice within the week gun salvos announced new successes.

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