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The experiment revealed that the genetic tweaking, indeed, rendered the mice resistant to weight gain.
So let's see how the theory needs tweaking to include the true power of the galaxies ie invisible electricity.
Tweaking about genes is not having the ability to control the genes.
Maybe with a little tweaking it could give evolution a run for its money.
By tweaking these factors, they should be able to increase the amount of light that the cells absorb.
We take pride in building and tweaking the ultimate gaming rig even when it isn't anywhere close.
Tweaking the composition of a polymer could enable it to detect different sorts of molecules.
Creating hydrogen requires merely tweaking the process.
But the brain actually works by constantly creating, breaking, and tweaking the synaptic connections between neurons.
By tweaking that information using simple illusions, scientists have warped and displaced our sense of self in the lab.
By tweaking these variables, birds can evolve countless different patterns of feathers.
The government, with one eye on bond markets, is nervous about tweaking its austerity plans.
As it has grown, it has been constantly tweaking the integration between product development and manufacturing.
Companies are always coming up with new products, or tweaking old ones, to suit local tastes and meet idiosyncratic preferences.
The rich adjust by tweaking the manner and timing of their compensation.
And it is not obvious that a winning recipe needed more than tweaking.
There seems to be much tweaking going on in capitals.
Use anything else and you'll get the effects rendered in the usual way, by tweaking the normal adjustments.
Requires substantial tweaking to configure initially.
We had to do a little tweaking on the setup of the shifters, but after that adjustment, everything worked without a hitch.
The knobs were for tweaking the settings on the prototype, stuff which is all now taken care of by software.
By tweaking the features of the model fish, they could estimate how body curvature affected range.
It took a little tweaking, but everything went together easily.
He discovered that the attackers were constantly tweaking their malicious server requests to evade the filters.
By tweaking the rate of destruction, it can swiftly raise or lower the number of any kind of protein.
Ensure compliance with energy codes and standards during schematic design rather than tweaking the design later in the process.

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