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Build a wider cup, adjust a few letters-in many cases, a simple design tweak can make a world of difference.
The bottom line: by all means use a calibration disc to tweak your set.
The government is trying to tweak the system to make it work better.
Sure, you could continuously tweak a skill, but that effort is at the expense of other possible efforts.
Plan the design on paper and then tweak it at planting time.
The ability to tweak well-known characters for modern times makes fairy tales particularly seductive.
Suppose scientists could figure out how to tweak the insula without damaging it.
The dean can then tweak their recommendation somewhat, and then work out the rest of the negotiable details.
After all, a tweak in the federal funds rate counts for little by itself.
All forms of learning and memory rely on synaptic plasticity, the ability of the brain to tweak the connections between neurons.
It's amazing sometimes what one simple design tweak can do for a product.
Now a wave of mobile applications is letting people tweak their cellphone snapshots and share them with friends and strangers.
Waiting for technology to tweak better in its next iteration is foolish.
But other chemicals produced by the human body more subtly tweak the neural pathways underlying these distinctions.
We tweak our stories so that they become better stories.
And since you can't tweak the wine, you have to tweak the food.
So then you tweak these parameters to fit a time series of climate data.
Some computer audio programs already offer to tweak brain rhythms, including theta oscillations, with sound.
If not, they know they have to tweak the algorithm as they have been for years.
They don't cause users to hallucinate, rather, they tweak reality.
If this is not the case, tweak the above advice as necessary.
But these fragile accretions work rather well, they say, and would not survive piecemeal attempts to reform and tweak them.
Refinements occur every year or two, to add new attributes or to tweak the maths.
But drugs companies will have to do more than tweak their sales methods.
The quants can introduce sudden jumps or tweak their models to match actual share-price movements more closely.
They can shift films from one hall to another, tweak their schedules and show concerts, lectures and sporting events.
We see an idea copy it and then often tweak and improve.
The app also comes with custom settings to tweak styles, strengths, and borders.
He made it a habit to tweak old-fashioned, upstanding churchgoers.
It's plain as a pikestaff that obesity requires systems change, not a tweak here and there, yet that is what is being offered.
To tweak the tax code so that certain kinds of mobile machinery won't count as highway vehicles.
Three years later, the researchers showed how to tweak the process so that it's more efficient and less toxic.
Some online news sites will, for example, tweak the layout on their home page by monitoring the popularity of different articles.
We will stand behind our work and tweak the equipment when necessary.
In commercial lithography schemes, designers routinely tweak individual elements in the mask to eliminate blemishes.
The genetic tweak affected more than physiology-it changed how the mice performed on memory tests, too.
In case of weather and climate it is not possible to tweak the drivers.
Though they ll claim science is observation, that can tweak, if it fits the equation.
Every grinder is going to be slightly different so it's best to start with the product guidelines and then tweak as you see fit.
The discovery could allow scientists to tweak the taste of foods to make them more palatable.
They frequently tweak their core curriculum, and their more successful changes are often copied.
Dig this post, but as others have mentioned the methodology could use a tweak or two.
So they tweak everything else trying to get the output to work right.
These tweak the basic structure into the optimal shape, though some players preferred to do that by hand.
It then spins the wheel again, to tweak the first tree ever so slightly, at random.
All that is required is a slight tweak of the software that controls the printer.
The audits can be used to tweak the framework in the light of new developments.
If you can get a guy in middle school and high school, there are certain things you can probably tweak.
Players can customize matches to tweak difficulty and the number of enemies teams will encounter.
With digital signal processing, you can tweak the game audio on the fly to focus on combat one minute and chatting the next.
Once they see a concept's flaws, they can tweak their own products to make them better.
It turns out that you can reach inside the game and tweak these settings, no jailbreak required.
What's cool is that you can set the ring to control any function you want to tweak easily.
Tweak some genes, and you can make a virus that grows more easily in cell cultures.
Tellingly, the proposed law doesn't try to tweak those figures.
Finding ways to tweak the revenue stream is not as simple as raising prices.
State deer biologists plan to tweak archery regulations.

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