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The tutor who struggled to teach me high-school math had stumbled across much of it on foot.
He hired a tutor to teach him calculus so that he could better understand physics.
Many students who are struggling seek help from teachers and peers instead of a private tutor.
If you have native speakers kicking about your town or campus you could look for a tutor in your community.
Subtly challenging them, their tutor tried to convey to them his confidence in their learning ability.
Continued on as volunteer school librarian and tutor.
The tutor tells you the thing you have to memorize and then you memorize it.
When you have done all you can with that one, then hire a tutor and talk with her or him every day.
Helicopter parents hire tutors, do their kids work for them, tutor their kids themselves.
In the wild, though, their calls may go much higher in pitch and much faster in tempo than any human tutor's voice.
In the past, students who had to repeat a module were required to work with a tutor.
They hired a tutor to address severe academic deficiencies, paid his tuition and gave him a wardrobe and other essentials.
Soon after my tutor died, and for several years my lexicon was my only companion.
Weekly sessions with my tutor were the best education experience of my life.
Relatives say the nine-year-old liked to play, skate and tutor younger students.
Tara no longer attends school, relying on a private tutor.

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