tutelage in a sentence

Example sentences for tutelage

In fine arts, job candidates demonstrate their teaching skills by showing artwork created under their tutelage.
Many students went on to establish successful careers under his tutelage.
The cause: a lonely and frustrated home life under the tutelage of a shrewish relative.
But no waiver for the tutelage on academic integrity.
Many of us have attained our own academic and professional dreams and aspirations under their tutelage, directly or indirectly.
Over time, the creature learns, based on your tutelage.
Even better, do so under the tutelage of someone who knows more than you do.
Those questions could be asked by many home cooks under the tutelage of chefs and their cookbooks.
We must govern as those who learn and they must obey as those who are in tutelage.
Visitors move cattle under the tutelage of an experienced ranch hand.
Most activities in the park are designed to give the visitor a hands-on experience under the tutelage of a volunteer instructor.
Inmates learn a skill trade under the tutelage of a journeyman level supervisor.
Many trappers today started the activity as schoolboys under the tutelage of a father, brother, relative or neighbor.

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