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The interior pulp of a narwhal tusk contains a system of nerves that runs the full length of the tooth.
Each tusk bears a distinctive carved band, twining from base to tip and connecting scenes and characters.
Prehistoric humans painted images of the animals on cave walls and carved their likeness in fragments of mammoth tusk.
The narwhal's single, spiral tusk has always been a mystery.
On his foot is the scar that the tusk of a boar gave him in the old days.
But before he could strike him, the boar charged, ripping deep into his flesh with his tusk.
Every so often, he tested to see if the tusk was loose.
Some ornaments are striking: a bracelet made of hippo bone and another of ostrich and warthog-tusk beads.
But this tusk hunter probably had to do a little digging.
Take a look at the narwhal's mysterious tusk in this video.
For centuries, the tusk of the narwhal has fascinated and baffled.
The tusk is spirally twisted, usually in an counter-clockwise direction.
In a mature specimen the tusk can be from two to seven meters long.
Others believe the tusk is used for making holes in sea ice or it is used to determine sea ice thickness.
Several artifacts found there include human-made tools crafted on mammoth tusk fragments.
Seized elephant ivory carvings, tusks, and mounted tusk tips.
For some reason this was done with only one term, tusk tenon.
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