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Sea turtle hatchlings become disoriented by lights on the beach from businesses and homes.
My red interview turtle neck with the little white stars worked out pretty well.
Their engineering division spends its time building football pitches, mending roads and righting cars that have turned turtle.
The findings shed light on turtle evolution, the researchers add.
Yet, locals maybe are not aware that if this turtle die, part of their culture will die.
Some have been paid to guard turtle eggs on the beaches, earning more if their turtles successfully hatch and make it to the sea.
Leatherback turtles are an endangered species of sea turtle found throughout the world's oceans.
The critters-a profusion of different varieties and sizes from tiny turtle to giant carp-must make do with close quarters.
Embroidered, greenish leather exterior resembles an ugly turtle.
One barbecue boasts a turtle cooked on its back, in its shell.
Commercial longline fishing operations are known to contribute to the decline of sea turtle populations.
It seems as though you have to be a scientist and do these things yourself if you don't want to move at the pace of the turtle.
The lagoons are also home to four species of the endangered marine turtle.
Follow a turtle on her journey from her nest to the open ocean, and back again.
Ironically, a huge solar generating station in the desert is being stopped because of a turtle.
For those of you who haven't been there, it's right across from a turtle pond, not too far away from the prairie dogs.
Turtle already has one ready to go, and it'll surely not be the only player in this funny little niche.
Populations are now so depleted that every marine turtle species is endangered, some critically.
The beaches are so pristine that four of the world's seven species of sea turtle nest here.
Turtles and turtle eggs can be had in season and a great variety of birds, some of them delicious in flavor and heavy in meat.
By the time the human has reached where the turtle was, the latter has already advanced a bit.
Everybody knows that everything is atop the huge turtle below who is perched atop another turtle.
Each turtle was found wrapped in a stocking, designed to provide ventilation and warmth.

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