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Example sentences for turrets

The same goes for turrets, which are also reset after each round.
The setbacks between the stages of the turrets are detailed as weatherings similar to masonry buttresses.
Two turrets at the northwestern corner and southwestern corner frame the west elevation.
These turrets are virtually identical and feature dovecotes with weathervanes and fixed windows.
Buildings in this style often looked streamlined and avoided protrusions from the building, such as towers or turrets.
They have rooflines which are frequently accented with turrets, towers, pedimented gables and iron cresting.
At night, winter flounder lie flat with their eye turrets retracted until sunrise.
Artists who live in one residential building have built sandbag turrets around the drainage holes in their parking lot.

Famous quotes containing the word turrets

Her personality had an architectonic quality; I think of her when I see some of the great London railway termini, especi... more
In time the strong and stately turrets fall, In time the rose and silver lilies die, In time the monarchs c... more
The freeman, casting with unpurchased hand The vote that shakes the turrets of the land.... more
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