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One corner of the tower is sliced away to reveal a cylindrical core of shingled zinc that evokes the image of a turret or silo.
The master bedroom is in the house's turret and has a working fireplace.
Last summer scientists and divers raised the ship's gun turret to the surface.
She will have no masts, no bulwarks, no structure of any kind on deck except the turret.
In addition, the rescue tank's turret even sprouts wings and becomes a fighter.
The house's round turret is part of the master bedroom.
One of the magic gloves flew out a turret window and landed safely on the ground.
Two machine guns are mounted amidship, port and starboard, and a three-inch gun juts from its turret on the forward deck.
It struck a marine who was peering out of the first vehicle's gun turret.
Here's how it works: at the bottom of the screen is a turret which rotates back and forth.
Facing off the bicyclist was a tank with a soldier in the gun turret, aiming at the bread.
Facilities include several guest lounges, including the cozy fireside lounge with an open fireplace and a corner turret.
Three stories, counting the magnificent turret, and shingled in green.
He knew that another already owned a turret-top card table.
The closest thing to a visible human being is the turret gunner.
The displaced turret supports the armor belt along the port side of the wreck.
The damaged hull must be removed before the turret can be recovered.
The body of the building was also stuccoed at this time, and the turret and bay window removed.
Ram and turret are precision ground for fit, extra rigidity.
It is a two-and-one-half-story frame building with a three-story turret on the north corner of the fa├žade.

Famous quotes containing the word turret

I woke to black flak and the nightmare fighters. When I died they washed me out of the turret with a hose.... more
The learned professors have been at considerable pains in their attempts to make a distinction between tools and impleme... more
As if her velvet helmet high Did turret rationality. She fans her wing up to the winde As if her Pettycoate... more
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