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Turquoise ranges in color from sky-blue to greenish-blue.
There is a turquoise car in the driveway right now, in fact.
He showed up for the interview wearing khaki green corduroy pants with a hand-knit turquoise sweater.
Turquoise beads alternate with gold-finished pewter.
Parallel turquoise lines mark the degree of the partial eclipse.
If nothing else, the turquoise pitcher will make an adorable vase.
They didn't throw down their instruments and shiny turquoise hats and leave the stage.
Gaze with wonder upon the little turquoise boxes that appear in your available time slots.
But atmospheric ozone can also paint another color on the moon: turquoise.
Turquoise and red dyes are still visible inside grooved diamonds and polygons that decorate the cover.
Indoors, turquoise accessories play off neutral paints and bare wood.
Dragons with wings of turquoise mauling leopards down the length of a gold scabbard.
The turquoise water is relatively shallow and protected from the ocean's waves by a reef.
Dressed in filmy garments, they stand in the centre of a turquoise sea dotted with deep pink lotuses and lime-green leaves.
If blue whales above water are only putatively blue, then below the surface they go indisputably turquoise.
The joint itself is a narrow stand-up affair, its hot turquoise walls joyfully cluttered with pop-art collectibles.
The sea is turquoise and scattered with red fishing boats, looming white bergs and the occasional nose of a seal.
The contrast is also emphasized by the beautiful turquoise sea and puffy white clouds.
We paced the great turquoise shape, keeping abreast of the flukes as the whale coursed along underwater to starboard.
Water in the gorge appeared turquoise because of runoff from gold and silver mining.
It wore a collar made of jade beads and turquoise plugs in its ears.
The drinks on the patio, the best friend with the turquoise sports car, the search for mermaids.
One of his newest bracelets is made of strands of sanded turquoise beads, from which dangles a large citrine.
It's the juxtaposition of the nearby meadow flowers or turquoise lake that sets off the mountains' grandeur.
It's a wonderful place to find turquoise jewelry, whether you're looking for contemporary or antique.
Trickles became waterfalls, and stagnant shallows became deep turquoise pools.
Vivid green and turquoise subway tiles echo the color scheme of the rest of this beach house.
At night, dress up jeans and a linen shirt with a turquoise-studded belt or brooch.
Part of the vast central court is a turquoise reflecting pool which has no water, but is filled with frogs and graceful waterfowl.
It is a vacation destination with hotels lining the beaches along the turquoise water.
Turquoise waters surround the area, washing up on pristine alabaster shores.
The articles below with headlines in turquoise may be viewed online, while those in gray are available only in the print edition.
She liked necklaces made of turquoise, and long pendant earrings.
Pinkish summer clouds aren't so much reflected as drowned in turquoise, violet, and mud-green depths.
He had long, carefully manicured fingers, a turquoise ring on his left hand and an onyx ring on his right.
Over the turquoise lake, beyond the eternal hemlocks, down through the clouds cut by rainbow.
The turquoise white in the northern sky an hour before the sun comes up in the south to illuminate another short winter's day.
Turquoise and beige, or gray and beige, are amusing combos and surprisingly easy to wear.
He drinks wine out of gold goblets and eats cereal out of a turquoise chalice.
The turquoise color permeates the water late in the afternoon, as the red rays of the setting sun spread out and grow weak.
Turquoise, which is paired with brown in fashion and interior design everywhere, is also big.
Among them are the flat, turquoise-colored liverworts and the bright green mosses.
Bird-shaped ornament of turquoise mosaic on seashell.

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