turntable in a sentence

Example sentences for turntable

He still listens to records on a turntable and wears white shirts with red suspenders.
The round turntable holds two pipe molds, one empty, and one being filled.
The turntable had been retrofitted with a hydraulic piston which replaced the slew ring worm gears.
Even if the microwave oven has a turntable, it's still helpful to stir and turn food top to bottom.
The other mechanical failure involved the failure of the crane turntable.
Place the beam in the slot at the top of stand and raise the turntable until the beam is level using a small bubble level.
If all positions of the turntable are not utilized, arrange the vessels symmetrically.
The tool is based on a double ski platform with a blade mounted on a removable turntable that is adjustable for cutting depth.
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