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Example sentences for turnstile

From there to the subway, where a wave of another smart card over a turnstile pays the fare.
Buzz for entry and place your order at the elaborate turnstile designed to let the nuns maintain their privacy.
Many of the houses in the area even had a turnstile as an entry to keep the curious horses from sneaking in for a snack.
In the camp store the first section you come to through the turnstile is the liquor department.
When card carriers go through a turnstile, they're verified without any travel information being transmitted back to the company.
If you make a concerted effort to arrest turnstile-jumpers, you'll find that you're catching serious bad guys in the process.
Retrieve your ticket after you place it into the turnstile as you cannot exit without it.
By next year, subway riders will use only electronic fare cards at the turnstile.
Anyone with a disabled parking permit who parks on the street at a turnstile meter will continue to park for free.
Go through the turnstile and take stairs to your right.
When a rider enters the system the turnstile read-write unit records the place and time of entry.
It is necessary for employees to enter their badges in a slot to activate a turnstile and gain admittance to the floor.
Express lanes are available at each turnstile gate for persons without bags.
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