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Example sentences for turning point

It may be our lot to experience, and in large measure to bring about, a major turning point in the long history of the human race.
For both writers, the evening would prove a turning point.
We certainly are today at a turning point, and this industry needs to now find new niches in order to grow again.
The turning point seems to have come with the generation born in the nineteen-forties.
It was an incredible, tremendous turning point for the human race.
The turning point comes when, transformed into a donkey, he is performing in a circus and spies the fairy in the audience.
Last week marked a turning point for the beer industry.
One of these days, we'll get a jobs report that clearly marks the turning point in our weak recovery.
The turning point was when they lost control to the advertisers.
It was a turning point in an already foundering war.
It's the turning point where natural could turn into mannequin.
It was a turning point in the fortunes of a government that has lived a charmed life with the electorate up to now.
Despite that wrinkle, this piece of research marks a turning point.
In hindsight this was a turning point because it introduced a new business model to the industry.
Even if last week's adjustment was timid, it could mark an important turning point.
It was a turning point without any inconvenient drama.

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