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Example sentences for turn on

Doctor, a couple of my team members want you to turn on the exhaust fan before starting the autopsy.
Tonight turn on a lamp by your bed and read a few of your cherished books.
Liberation from daily life can turn on-the-road slumber into a profound experience.
The room lights turn on when someone enters the office, and turn off soon after someone leaves.
Try other automatic modes that will allow you to turn on or off your flash.
If a trainer bent backward and lifted a leg, dolphin would turn on its back and lift its tail in the air.
She forgot to turn on the burner under the vegetables or put water in the coffeemaker.
Other vegetables waited their turn on the counter, bright and doomed.
Presidential elections, in which more than a hundred million people vote, never turn on a single ballot.
Literary recipes might encourage me to turn on my gas stove again.
The next time you turn on your automobile-navigation system, fold your hands in thanks to your country's industrial policy.
People's locations and activities can be inferred from the lights they turn on and the appliances and fixtures they use.
When one target is shored up, nimble transnational cells that can turn on a dime simply find new bull's-eyes.
What is going on is a war of ideas, based in turn on moral standing.
The answer may turn on whether interstellar travel is possible.
We can't support dictators today and with great self-righteousness turn on them tomorrow and remain unscathed.
The wheel motors might allow a vehicle to almost literally turn on a dime, making parking much easier.
Occasionally they will turn on neighboring genes in these locations.
Two enzymes in the neurons activate proteins called transcription factors that turn on genes.
We should have the option to turn on verification of packet origination.
Wild animals, even tigers born in captivity for instance, can easily turn on the humans that raised them.
When you turn on a model, constants are constants are constants, the end.
These deformations can change the internal chemistry and even cause genes to turn on and off.
If you need to go to the bathroom in the evening or during the night, do not turn on the light.
Your statement of policy describing the following will turn on this program.
When you are too hot you turn on the air conditioner when too cold the heat.
Whether your a monkey in a tree or a cheetah using his tail to turn on a dime, a tale is great for balance.
There was some point where he'd turn on you-it happened in every single relationship.
Later the scientists would turn on the light and then give the rats a little electric shock.
Also, devices left in the town by the mad scientist should turn on causing problems to solve.
Arguments for elected mayors tend to turn on their visibility.
When push comes to shove the latter duty seems to outweigh the former, and the bankers turn on the monetary taps.
Science requires the approval of society, which depends in turn on the availability of credible and articulate interlocutors.
In the end, the region's political complexion may turn on a few million votes in those two countries.
They sense it as they sit on the tarmac, waiting to take their turn on an overcrowded runway.
Economic decisions are supposed to turn on weighing costs and benefits.
Turn on one of the stock selling shows and see how they brainwash the viewer into thinking consumption is good for the economy.
Turn on the automatic update feature on every program that provides the option.
They turn on the dream machine, and it starts to lull them to sleep with soft lights and serenades.
Turn on your mind, relax and float upstream into the superheroic pantheon.
And if users turn on the backlight to improve the contrast, they are likely to draw down the device's battery.
Patients turn on the device with an external switch.
They turn on when a photocell attached to them reacts to the darkness, and off when the sun comes up.
Then turn on the heating system and let it develop full pressure.
And sometimes users complain they turn on the phone's light too slowly.
During the blessing of my wedding ring he would not even turn on the lights.
The first and last vehicles in a procession should turn on their hazard lights.
Thus, when you turn on the living-room light, power is instantly drawn from a generator.
To block unwanted junk e-mail, turn on your e-mail service's spam filter.
In the confusion, families are beginning to turn on one another.
Open a window and turn on the bathroom vent if smoke enters the room.
Both also turn on the importance of differences between individual patients, rather than what the data say in aggregate.
Anytime that visibility is reduced, please turn on your vehicle's lights so that other drivers will more easily see you.
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