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College isn't located in the administration building, and it's not a turf thing.
On this turf males fight for their mates, battling with sharp teeth and powerful flippers.
One idea is that they've escaped their enemies, for example, the parasites that keep them in check on their home turf.
For chemical control, use a selective postemergence herbicide labeled for dandelions in turf.
In the ensuing battles for turf and tools, staffers had to use any advantage at their disposal.
While he was in the end zone, staff members noticed him pouring something onto the turf.
There's no chance to feel the wind in your hair or the turf beneath your feet.
They mark the area with urine, roar menacingly to warn intruders, and chase off animals that encroach on their turf.
Catlin, a largely self-taught painter, was the first major white artist to portray the prairie tribes on their own turf.
Turf varieties are selected for density and greener color.
Plant your flags and stake out your turf now, my fellow technophiles.
The effect would have been as though a lousy cosmic golfer tore up a giant chunk of turf and sent it hurtling into orbit.
Creative use of turf enhances the poolside experience.
Perhaps it was simply intelligence bureaucrats protecting their turf.
The turf may have been transported there by a duffer on an adventure travel holiday.
Green construction materials were used, such as bamboo floors, cypress siding and a turf roof.
Following label instructions, spray the nematode-water mixture over the turf in late afternoon after the lawn has been watered.
Species living high on tropical mountainsides, for example, have nowhere to go if temperatures warm their home turf.
Tough blades, tolerance of compacted soils make it a good turf for playing more add to my plant list.
And both countries are using the intellectual-property system to stake out their turf.
With a surge in the number of courses and players came an intensive approach to turf management.
Crooks used a rented sod cutter to remove unwanted sections of turf.
But the top law firms are not counting on such barriers to defend their turf.
They are frightened and ready to defend their turf and the youngsters are all pumped up and eager to chase the elephants.
It takes an inch of water a week to keep turf green, but if water is tight where you live, cut that amount in half.
Needs moderate water but considerably less than turf does.
Labour may soon have a personnel problem of its own when it comes to competing on this turf.
Yes, that weed popping up out of her faux turf carpet is a real dandelion, deliberately planted.
Turf fights and unnecessary demarcations are much diminished, though they have not vanished.
Consumer loans dominate turf that is shared in other rich countries with overdrafts and credit-card debt.
Even they are focusing more and more on their home turf.
But the more standard response to this situation is to invade a neighbour's turf.
Yet kicking the hornets' nest has provoked stinging turf battles, increasing the body count.
We might as well start treading on that transgressive turf.
Each has their own turf of wall space and tables covered in paint and supplies.
He now believes they were trying to sink his career because he was a threat to their teaching and research turf.
If you can't push a screwdriver up to its handle into the turf, it's time to aerate.
And then he thrust his beak into the cool turf to refresh himself a little with it.
The turf and gravel about it seemed charred as if by a sudden explosion.
At the left there is a large open fire-place, with turf fire, and a small door into inner room.
All this effort is expended simply to keep him happy on his own turf.
In desert regions, different types of rocks replace a majority of turf in the landscape as a way to conserve water.
We played with them at the park and went sledding down a turf hill on cardboard boxes.
The soft, spongy turf was piled in damp layers, dense with past growth.
Ground rubber is increasingly used for trails, athletic turf, mulch and playground surfaces.
The punters scrutinise their programmes, television screens and the greyhounds parading the turf.
Some local legislatures have begun to demand bigger payments from foreign mining firms working on their turf.
And it is true that government bureaucrats will fight vicious turf wars to prevent their budgets from being slashed.
It was our turf and those on the sidewalks were our guests.
As the turf around a house gradually subsides, the slab seems to rise.
Many current political arguments are skirmishes and turf battles in what is a movement toward what one might call somatic rights.
They know their home turf, which trees are fruiting at what time of year, where the local predators tend to lurk.
The clientele, it seems, is happy to dis the turf but still likes to play the field.
Flair's radically ambitious aim was to outdo every magazine in every category on its own turf.
To a remarkable degree, these two books have staked out the turf of contemporary antiutopias.
Esprit, for one, was able to revive itself on its own turf after being re-energized abroad.
But the small turf that teens have always held in the job market has been shrinking.
The spat reflects growing tensions between the search and auction giants as each races onto the other's turf.
The choice of the correct turf species can also enhance the odds of a high quality shaded turf.
Close-up of algae growing on an algal turf scrubber.

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