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He wore the traditional dhoti, a long loincloth with a tunic buttoned over it.
The best-looking dress at the moment seems to be a dark tunic.
But coats of many colors are stalking the catwalks with thick tunic sweaters another strong trend.
She is so magnificent at night in her slinky dresses or in a moonbeam silver knit tunic over a pencil-thin skirt.
Coral dangled from shoulder straps or edged tunic and pants for a daytime look.
Then he approaches, menacingly parts his tunic-and urinates onto a nearby plant.
The renal sinus is lined by a prolongation of the fibrous tunic, which is continued around the lips of the hilum.
Those who were present rent his tunic from top to bottom, which was intended for a mark of his deposition.
It consists of a skirt that extends to the ankles, with a tunic top that extends to the knees.
Lots of buzz about the flowered tunic the first lady wore yesterday.
Everyone in a krewe usually wears the same base tunic, but each float puts its own spin on things.
The mucosa, or mucous membrane layer, is the innermost tunic of the wall.
The four cultural items are three ceremonial dance headdresses made from wood and organic paint and one beaded ceremonial tunic.
They are called tunicates because their body wall resembles a tunic.
The archer wears protective leggings and a double-layered tunic.
They are filter-feeders, have soft bodies, and secrete a protective outer tunic.
It consisted of the same articles except tunic and pants replaced the dress.
Peasant blouses, tunic tops, and vests were also part of the trend.

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