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It then starts expanding again in the fall-a time to learn and rehearse new tunes.
These songs he restored often setting new words to old tunes until hundreds of songs filled six volumes.
Service tunes you in to the life of the university and exists for an important purpose.
Changing these settings tunes your picture by altering light output-which directly affects how much energy the set uses.
When listeners could see what other people had chosen, a few songs' popularity snowballed, while other tunes languished.
But so have other nearby males, which also begin singing lovelorn tunes-all of them vying for this one lady in the treetops.
There are also subcategories, such as slow ballads and more rhythmic tunes drawn from dance music.
When the drug wore off, the birds went back to singing their old tunes.
Other whales are even changing their tunes-literally.
And when they got paid off by big money, they sing different tunes than the more honest ones.
Those who worked out to tunes improved their gait and had longer and more stable strides.
It was the perfect day to don the shades, roll down the windows, and crank up the tunes.
Alpha waves increase when one tunes out the external world.
But one trivial example is the acquisition of melodies of tunes.
First came a mounted band of sixteen bugles, drums and cymbals, playing wild martial tunes-made my heart jump.
They essayed the same tasks, they sang the same tunes, each in accord with his own talent.
Ravished with their pleasant tunes, and sweetness of their voice.
Most hymns that have any enduring popularity are almost invariably set to particular tunes.
Start off with holiday tunes and then mix in some of your nonseasonal favorites.
When they ran out of tunes they were reprimanded by an aide.
But as online music moves into the mainstream, the industry faces suspicions that it is fixing prices for tunes.
Today's world economy does seem to be playing some similar tunes.
Radio stations blare an impressive repertoire of catchy revolutionary tunes.
The concert now proposed would face a bigger range of outsiders trying to spoil its tunes.
It is infused with lost tunes, melodies which one hears behind the elaborate instrumental configurations.
The results indicated that the tunes had what it takes.
Rappers have long understood that the real money in music isn't from selling tunes, but from selling lifestyle.
My own view, hesitantly reached, is that it's too late for the party to retreat to the comfort of the same old tunes.
Someone with music pods in their ears on the sidewalk tunes out the other pedestrians.
For tunes in the pool or sea, this is the best player we've found.
The first rock fans enjoyed the music of outsiders, the tunes of the persecuted, sympathizing as rebels.
Soon he was teaching himself to play the piano, playing the tunes that came to him unbidden at all moments.
Some people have a tendency to tote tunes on their travels.
Twenty years ago the music industry started putting pop tunes on optical compact discs.
It's getting attention because it rings an alarm to the tunes of the proponents.
The world has enough of these tunes to last until the final bar band turns to dust, but you admire the acoustics here.
Using several harmonicas results in faster and more varied tunes which would ordinarily be impossible to play on this instrument.
The songs were misshapen pop tunes, full of shifting time signatures and odd metres and abrupt key changes.
Together, they're delightfully complementary, sharing each other's compositions and mixing in some fiddle tunes.
Jugs of domestic pottery that play tunes when lifted from the table.
It's also the perfect opportunity to revamp your iPod with the catchy tunes heard on the runway.
Everyone has his or her own list of demon tunes that haunt.
To find out, he captured six wrens and played them a variety of tunes, both solos and duets.
It's these queenly tunes that the caterpillars mimic.
These entire networks evolve over time, as natural selection fine-tunes the genes to work together successfully.
Rock and pop have moved into the mainstream, edging out movie and show tunes as the world's musical lingua franca.
The same can now apply to theme tunes for sports shows.

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