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The prospect of taiga and tundra migrating towards the poles to areas that are now under ice terrifies them.
One is that huge amounts of methane, a particularly potent greenhouse gas, are stored in the permafrost of the tundra.
Frozen dog dirt stipples the tundra of the golf course.
It is home to bobcats and otter and a haven for birds, from great blue herons to warblers to tundra swans.
Fishing for salmon and camping out among the ice, tundra and lava might help cut costs.
It is a global species, living everywhere but the harshest deserts and the coldest tundra.
From coast to coast, from tundra to coral reef, state governments are in an awful fix.
Tells about the kinds of tundra and why it's so fragile.
For some reason, environments from the tropics to the tundra seem to have the same distribution of species.
If this were to happen, the study noted, the tundra would all but vanish.
If you doubt it, answer me why tropical rainforests exhibit such a great diversity of plants and animals compared to the tundra.
It was unthinkable to head into the tundra without a tuneup.
The landscape varies from high, icy mountains to tundra.
There visitors pick up the shuttle bus and enjoy a hop-on-hop-off ride through the wintry expanse of the tundra.
Harsh desert, volcano, and tundra environments take a toll on your health and stamina.
Humans have been part of the tundra ecosystem for thousands of years.
Students will depict forest or tundra ecosystems by drawing and coloring these ecosystem habitats.
Most tundra birds and mammals actually have two coats.
Curlews nest and raise their broods in dwarf-shrub, lichen tundra.
Pairs of tundra swans dine on submerged plants in the quiet lakes of river deltas.
It's often found with crowberries, bearberries, and blueberries in tundra environments.
Wet tundra is also crucial for thousands of geese after the nesting season.
At the top of these enormous mountains is the alpine tundra, a cold and windy environment.
Others show changes in the amount and type of tundra plants.
For many people, fall is not complete without viewing the tundra swans.
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