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If one cell can incite tumor growth, researchers know that's the cell to target if they want to stop the tumor's growth.
Take a virtual tour into the growth of a tumor and watch how blood vessels help tu.
When tumor cells are transplanted into experimental mice, only the stem cell variety spurs new cancer growth.
They found that the cells initiated and sustained new brain tumor growth in the mice.
Take a virtual tour into the growth of a tumor and watch how blood vessels help tumors grow and metastasize.
They also demonstrated that an antibody targeting these cells slows tumor growth in mice.
There have been cases in which the immune system successfully fights a tumor, and others in which it stimulates tumor growth.
But when something goes awry, methylation can unleash a tumor by silencing a gene that normally keeps cell growth in check.
Grading a tumor can help predict its growth rate and tendency to spread.
Pheochromocytoma may occur as a single tumor or as more than one growth.
During an autopsy, it was discovered that a brain tumor had.
There are two main risks that accompany the next operation: the position of the tumor and blood loss.
However, when the tumor floats freely, the disease claims an unfair advantage.
But the tumor has already metastasized through the system.
Restoring order to the chaotic blood vessels inside a tumor opens a window of opportunity for attacking it.
The theory is that a fraction of tumor cells, dubbed cancer stem cells, is responsible for the malignancy of tumors.
Hardin recently had surgery for a malignant tumor behind an eye.
In contrast, tumor cells tend to mutate and in this way they often become drug-resistant.
In doing so, it can simultaneously cut off the supply of blood to a tumor and halt cell division.
Time now to cut out that cancerous tumor from our culture.
Medical bills have since wiped out his savings, and the tumor has reduced his voice to a whisper.
The tiny objects would drift around randomly unless they encountered tumor tissue.
The tumor was really a chunk of asphalt the dog was carrying in its mouth.
There are also malignant complications, which in his case could be a recurrence of his tumor that he was treated for.
The symptoms are due to the tumor growing and pressing on the optic nerve and nearby structures.
Sequencing entire genome of a cancer patient, including tumor.
Staging is the process used to determine the size of the tumor and where and how far it has spread.
Inhibition of tumor angiogenesis mediated by cartilage.
The procedure may correct the nosebleeds by itself, or it may be followed by surgery to remove the tumor.
Pheochromocytoma is a rare tumor of adrenal gland tissue.
The auras began a year or two following surgery for a tumor that was pressing on my brain stem.
Her handlers suspected she might have cancer or a brain tumor.
First of it is pathologist not radiologists who handle tumor slides.
In cancer patients it could be implanted at the site of a tumor delivering high doses of chemotherapy.
Those measures, it's safe to say, are band-aids on a tumor.
They could potentially palpate the tumor, or any other organ, for themselves.
He would have that tumor and then a few others removed by surgeons.
But some people thought that bacteria carrying tumor genes would be dangerous for humans.
If you want to cure cancer, they say, you should test different chemicals and see whether they can dissolve a tumor.
You'd think the climate had tumor and was now cancer-free.
At four-days old he underwent brain surgery to remove part of the tumor.
In the new study, scientists were working with patients undergoing surgery to remove a brain tumor.
Drug resistance can arise when the tumor starts to grow using a different molecule.
Cases of people with brain damage due to tumor show that the right-left hemisphere belief is an actuality.
Alas, destroying civilization with slow deaths from tumor formation probably doesn't translate well to the big screen.
Scientists have identified genetic clues to how a tumor spreads throughout the body.
Even then, tumor cells may remain deeply lodged, replicating and spreading quickly through healthy brain tissue.
From these images, a surgeon can tell a tumor's location and anatomy, or its size and shape.
Empty bacterial cells can deliver key anti-tumor substances with high precision, new research suggests.
Chemical results of a tumor's metabolism are dissolved in the blood, and can end up in the breath.
Such information provides a picture of how tumor cells originate and evolve.
Watch how different types of brain imaging methods are used to visualize a tumor and help plan for surgery.
Tumor metastases don't simply occupy space and press on things, leaving a whole brain.
Grading is based on the appearance of the tumor cells as seen under a microscope.
Treatment for mediastinal tumors depends on the type of tumor.
Seizures are common in brain tumor cases, with younger patients having higher risks than older ones.
Multiple myeloma often affects or involves the bone, but is not considered a bone tumor.
If the drug is stopped, the tumor may grow and produce prolactin again, especially if it is a large tumor.
The following month, the patient had the tumor removed from his brain.
Usually, the tumor is removed along with part of the colon and nearby lymph nodes.
Facial paralysis that is due to a brain tumor usually develops slowly and causes headaches, seizures, or hearing loss.
If the tumor is in the ureter, it may be possible to remove it while preserving the kidney.
The survival rate is highest if the tumor is in the early stages and has not spread outside the kidney.
The radioisotope is then delivered directly into the tumor where it kills the cancer.
Patients who have hypothyroidism caused by a pituitary tumor may need surgery.
Surgery may be done when there is only one tumor that has not spread.
He has said the tumor was the size of a baseball, but has not specified where it was located.
If a tumor doesn't return within five years, many doctors consider the patient cured.
Conducts research in the areas of tumor immunology, mechanisms of tumor cell-immune cell interactions, and immune.

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