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If inflationary expectations are falling, the link between tumbling currencies and rising bond yields may be weakened.
Nelson called the decision amicable, but few believed that, and the change in leadership sent the company's stock price tumbling.
Pressed by the advancing blaze, workers began leaping and tumbling to their deaths on the sidewalk.
But because it's an irregular rectangle, and it's tumbling.
Everything is fine until the scheme runs out of new investors and the whole house of cards comes tumbling down.
They are tiny little planetoids that are tumbling through space.
Your industrial base is tumbling down into an abyss.
Next, needles were placed in tumbling barrels full of coarse hardwood sawdust in order to be cooled and polished.
Had he done so, he would have avoided tumbling into the pettifogging pit prepared for the reviewer.
Deforestation is seen as the major culprit in the wave of deaths of tumbling storks.
Other enclosed drum-style tumbling composters are mounted to a turning device for added convenience.
But the parasites' exponential growth continues, and after a few more cycles there are billions of them tumbling about the blood.
Manufactured turning compost bins are essentially large barrels that are turned on an axis, tumbling the compost inside.
Boulders tumbling down a slope would be a fall or topple.
Golden breastplates, pendants, and other finery began tumbling out of tombs and cascading down the riverbank.
By the time he's finished, he's barely breathing, the words are tumbling from his mouth so quickly.
The branch snapped and she came tumbling down into a thicket and dropped from sight.
Yesterday, another dark secret of professional athletics came tumbling into view.
As those power sources get deployed, prices start tumbling and incremental tweaks get made.
Yes, and watch the quality of life of millions of people come tumbling down.
They visualize a satellite whose characteristic spinning and tumbling can be reduced to zero by a system of control jets.
His was the kind of calling that demanded a quick phrase, a smooth delivery, a word-tumbling manner that forestalled interruption.
It comes tumbling out and maybe then they go back and refine.
Satellites can shine fairly steadily or wink on and off if they're tumbling.
Flowing past riverbanks or tumbling toward shore, water carries with it ancient cultures and modern realities, myth and history.
If the satellite is tumbling end over end, the drag changes.
The animations shows smooth motions at the molecular scale that are in reality random walks by twisting, tumbling objects.
If you see a rock tumbling down a hill, you can understand this due to gravity.
Till tumbling from the cliff, divides the frowning deep.
Daydreaming about rock groupies tumbling into a receptive mosh pit.
First, they measured the terminal velocity of a tumbling bullet, not a spinning one.
But still, these two events will send the firm's market cap tumbling.
Last autumn, fears about the sustainability of debts sent corporate-bond prices tumbling.
Part of the decline can be traced to tumbling import prices.
But it is unclear how effective these will be, with corporate profits tumbling.
The year has seen bigger sales, tumbling records and higher profits all round.
Exchanged around the world are flashing red today, commodity prices are tumbling, and the dollar is soaring as traders flee risk.
But such a sharp rise could easily cause the next shock, sending the prices of homes, shares and bond prices tumbling.
The credit crunch has squeezed lending, house prices are tumbling and building activity is in sharp decline.
The share prices of publicly listed private-equity firms have been tumbling.
The bigger risk lies with a string of smaller bank failures, mostly caused by tumbling property values.
National output was bounding ahead and unemployment tumbling.
The subsequent recession in the rich world sent shipping rates tumbling.
The combination of soaring oil prices and the tumbling dollar is distorting their economies and fuelling inflation.
Seen as safe only a few months ago, these are now tumbling in value as mortgage delinquencies rise.
Now the global economic machine has gone into reverse: output is declining and trade is tumbling at a faster pace.
Foreign confidence-political and financial-goes on tumbling.
Tumbling shares of listed newspaper firms have prompted fury from investors.
Instead of tumbling down a rabbit hole, she crawls through a secret tunnel in her apartment building.
Soybean figures were not quite as likely to send futures prices tumbling, but still projected robust production.
You'd think it would fairly gush with pathos, one tear-jerker tune tumbling onto another.
The rumble of the apples tumbling into the cellar bins.
The quake leveled buildings and sent cooking stoves tumbling to the ground.

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