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While autumn leaves tumble from trees this fall, another natural wonder is soaring overhead.
While leaves tumble from trees this fall, another natural wonder is soaring overhead.
These layers tumble and fall in a giant block, or slab.
Meanwhile the atoms and molecules that make up your body incessantly tumble, vibrate or collide with one another.
The early solar system was such a rough-and-tumble place.
Sure, they're also tumble, but the roughness in this case is a measure of their topography.
However you need courage to ride on it, after all if you have to tumble the four sides are available to you.
As with each of her previous flings, she didn't begin to know enough about this fellow before deciding he might be worth a tumble.
Our exhalations tumble along our chests and break down our fins.
For a professor he was not averse to a little rough-and-tumble.
They are large and yellow, and include a litter of yelping puppies who play and tumble around.
As plants grow, they'll tumble over and hide the rocks.
Let plants tumble over rocks or spill from niches in dry rock walls.
Her persona in the skating arena was rough and tumble but she was not at all of that type.
Pavement ends abruptly in water, bayous reach toward roadsides, and mossy crypts tumble into bays.
Dirt clods, last year's squash and the errant toad and mouse tumble to the ground.
There are other smaller animals whose burrows sometimes cause a horseman to receive a sharp tumble.
Inadvertent contact with a thigh or knee can cause all the bottles to be knocked over and to tumble into the tub or behind it.
They tumble to the sidewalk carrying garbage bags full of their belongings and scatter quickly.
These costs would tumble if employees remained longer on the job.
Dry your laundry on a clothesline instead of using a tumble dryer whenever possible.
Then came the sickening sound of a wild tumble, the clatter of hooves, a terrified wail.
Although they can release their muscular foothold to tumble in a current-a few can even swim freely-they are rarely in a hurry.
The rocks occasionally tumble from the hills onto the baked plain.
The ramparts disappear into cloud, and freshly charged waterfalls tumble down their faces.
Insects that land on the rim of the pitcher hydroplane on the liquid and tumble in.
Gradually, his tumble stops, but he's still drifting away.
Upon his arrival, he witnesses the demise of a group of musicians as they tumble over a waterfall.
About halfway up, he lost his footing and began to tumble down the long grade, arresting himself only by chance.
As walls tumble, boundaries fray and the line between house and barnyard melts away.
He had a habit of holding the smoke in his mouth until he spoke so that little puffs would tumble out along with his words.
Lighting up the universe is a rough-and-tumble business.
There are no control thrusters that control their tumble.
When zapped by lightning or other sources of energy, molecules in that environment readily tumble together into organic compounds.
If half the mined diamonds were released in the free market the value would tumble and they'd be worth little.
He said that because he is accustomed to falling from heights the tumble seemed to happen in slow motion.
Here, my family has lovingly adapted to our awful tumble in fortune.
Stocks tumble as investors sell off ahead of employment report.
More top teams likely to tumble in some big-time matchups.
Stocks tumble as another oil record rattles investors.
Meanwhile, record-high house prices in many countries are fostering worries of a house-price tumble.
Their share prices would tumble if the country's construction and capital-expenditure boom abruptly ended.
As that process gathered pace, the dollar could tumble further and further.
So far this year, the industry has avoided its old habit of piling on new capacity, only to see prices tumble.
Yields on peripheral debt continue to tumble, and the euro rose sharply.
Because so little water is used and the warm beads help dry the laundry, less tumble drying is needed.
But inflation will tumble in the coming months because of lower oil prices and the recession.
But businessmen and some diplomats have for the past two years asked when the house of cards would tumble.
It also has fine senses of smell and touch, and thrusts itself into the rough-and-tumble of feeding and mating with alacrity.
But to stand by as both core and headline consumer prices tumble is extremely odd behaviour.
And if markets tumble, consumer confidence will surely follow.
Most other housing market variables were also rising before the end of the credit, only to tumble back after its expiration.
And even if the dollar were to tumble, the global nature of the recession might mean it would yield few benefits.
Clothes last longer because the washer uses gentle tumble action instead of an agitator.
They can wash these items in a standard size tumble action machine.
The material is suitable for tumble polishing for use in baroque jewelry or for cutting into cabochons for jewelry and display.
One plant may produce thousands of seeds which spread easily because the mature plant forms a tumble weed.
Becomes a tumble weed when mature and spreads its seeds as a tumble weed.

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