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Tubular flowers in shades of pink to apricot, yellow, and cream atop tall spikes in spring.
Its red, tubular blooms practically glow when backlit by the sun.
Coral fountain blooms profusely for a long time, and its tubular flowers are irresistible to hummingbirds.
Both have inconspicuous red flowers concealed in tubular or slipper-shaped red bracts.
In it were four tubular beige curls, each about six inches long.
Tomatoes, green peppers and blueberries all have tubular anthers with the pollen inside the tube.
Then weld a number of turns of tubular coil around the top end which protrudes above the ground.
Tubular steel poles are also used in areas of land congestion or agricultural areas.
Place pan on back of range, cut squares apart with a sharp knife, and roll while warm in tubular or cornucopia shape.
The peripheral parts of the vesicles expand, while the proximal parts are reduced to tubular stalks, the optic stalks.
Though they appear sedentary, sea stars move around on tiny, tubular feet.
But the tubular crest had no hole for gathering air.
Triangular at its base, the world's tallest tower morphs into a tubular design as the latticed-steel structure rises.
It was the first tubular steel coaster to turn riders upside down and the first coaster of any kind with two loops.
Being on the tube is second nature for him-this big lug couldn't be more tubular.
The tubular crest that runs over the top of your ear is known as the helix.
Researchers then used them to seed tubular scaffolds and implanted the newly formed structure into patients.
Bamboo's tubular form presents certain structural conundrums as well.
But all those steadfast geometric tea sets and tubular steel furnishings drew lines in the collective consciousness.
Similar tubular shaped clouds called roll clouds appear in various places around the globe.
It replaces stamped steel with a composite monocoque bonded to a tubular steel frame and plastic bodywork.
He loads them into a cylindrical case, much as he might slide batteries into a tubular flashlight.
With a lavender-colored flower and tubular, hollow leaves, chives are as pretty as they are tasty.
Branching from the lungs are two hollow tubular organs termed in medical phrase the bronchi.
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