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Example sentences for tubing

Natural-gas pipelines cannot be used because hydrogen makes the steel tubing brittle and attacks the welds.
The remaining teeth allow the arm to be rotated to the ground level, stretching the latex tubing.
Inspect hoses for cracking, brittleness and leaks, and make sure there are no sharp bends in the tubing.
Air hissed through his pursed lips and through the clear plastic tubing into his nose.
The body panels are of hand-formed light alloy hung over a web of small diameter steel tubing.
If new tubing isn't used for each patient, infections spread.
At the moment when the turbine stopped working, there was a sudden explosion in the area of the tubing corridor.
Dialysis tubing is actually a semi-permeable membrane when used in water.
Experiments illustrating osmosis and pressure gradients across a membrane use dialysis tubing.
If corrosion or cracking is detected, tubing must be repaired or replaced during the shutdown.

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