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But the government is increasingly trying to punish individuals for the actions of their firms.
But that hasn't stopped breeders from trying to develop new and better varieties.
The nonprofit is one of many organizations trying to encourage college completion, especially at the state level.
In response, the municipal government set about trying to shrink the city.
Much of my understanding of science has come from trying to represent certain concepts in code.
No amount of amicability or trying to stay out of people's way rectified the situation.
By midmorning it has still not managed four consecutive steps-but not for lack of trying.
Trying to impress me with their vision of the future, the administrators boasted about a new doctoral program they were planning.
And squeezed utilities are again trying to make it change its mind.
Most knew not to pitch books to people trying to chew their dinner.
The fund's reconsideration of capital controls suggests that it is trying to adapt its advice to global economic realities.
There's no point in wasting water by trying to keep alive scraggly or diseased plants.
And the task is even more challenging when you're also trying to maintain privacy and create serenity in a bustling urban area.
In the financial world, the old order is still trying to find its new shape.
With budgets tight, librarians are trying to resist price increases.
Scientists and engineers are trying to develop long-shot technologies that could drastically change the energy game.
He was largely self-taught, far from home, trying to learn the surveyor's trade.
But then trying to understand it doesn't change our perceptions.
She was trying to rig a point scheme for tenure where one refereed article would count the same as a book.
People spend weeks trying to come up with the right words.
Trying to restrict a fir tree's size by pruning usually ruins its naturally attractive shape.
Right now, troops trying to listen in on enemy chatter rely on a convoluted process.
And even professors are still trying to figure out what makes a good academic argument in video form.
Pete nearly has a breakdown trying to decide, but finally settles on apple.
But notice the top, right next to the lock: it's smashed in, evidence that someone was trying to access the files.
Don't clutter your display by trying to showcase everything.
What scientists have been trying to figure out, however, is why mammals survived while the dinosaurs perished.
Give the control a chance to work before trying something stronger.
We encountered an error while trying to process your request, please try again in a few moments.
Artists have been trying to come to terms with photography's implications ever since.
But trying to state a precise number that has absolutely no basis is ignorance.
Thanks for trying to inform and elevate the publics awareness.
We're hoping that the morels are doing better than the brown oyster mushrooms we've been trying to grow.
It is research trying to promote global warming from the get-go.
The minute you plant a garden, wilderness starts trying to take advantage of it.
Either way, she got trapped on the window- you know the way flying bugs get trapped trying to leave through the closed window.
Science at times is trying to prove common knowledge.
Don't dare leave without trying one of these frosty, sweet, and slightly earthy gifts from the desert.
It was a bit hectic at the house, what with everyone trying to maneuver and put their dishes together.
All day he had been trying to make up his mind to go through with the adventure and now he was acting.
But, up to this time, they had been trying to be so and had been more or less pale copies of such.
At one wedding the ushers counted two beats as one and the pace was so slow that they all wabbled in trying to keep their balance.
He took up his burden again, and returned upstairs, looking about him and trying to account for the blood-spot.
If you get tongue-tied when trying to learn a new language, your genes may be to blame, a new study suggests.
The focal length you need depends on your distance from the burst and what you're trying to capture.
Experts were trying to determine if that could cause long-term damage.
For example, some students may have had a bad experience with trying a new food.
Replicating that environment in a lab isn't easy, but that hasn't kept dreamers from trying.
Over thirty-five years later, chemists are still trying to fully understand how it works.
We're trying to get it fixed and apologize to everyone who submitted real names.
If you're trying to convince your boss to let you telecommute, you quickly run into a data problem.
And she wants to make his future secure, so she is trying to make a lot of money.
Armed with such logic, a coalition of the hopeful is trying to buck the rude trend, even to reverse it.
That's actually a more scientific approach than trying to arrive at the answer through reasoning alone.
Aghast, the doctor's friends set about trying to get him released.
He thinks the shark is trying to get a better look at the strange creature in the water.
Trying to understand nanometers can rapidly induce crossed eyes.
The two countries' education systems are headed in opposite directions, aiming at exactly what the other one is trying to give up.
For about four weeks a year, she lives in the mountains and chases birds all over the place, trying to collect data.
So you're basically saying: don't even bother trying to get post-doc at all.
Instead, they are trying to find out if you really sound as good as you look on paper.
As patterns of use change, some universities are trying new approaches that have information specialists leaving the building.
The argument about trying to obtain the best talent worldwide tends to fall in the face of these kinds of arguments.
Right in the area he was trying to tell me earlier was hurting him.
Some growers are simply trying to buy time by feeding infected trees extra nutrients to extend their productive lives.
Scientists are still trying to understand the full purpose of sleep.
Twenty years they'd been trying to shoot him because he's a big croc.
Some people become experts faster, some slower, and it also depends on what skill you are trying to acquire.
You're trying to exercise willpower-to avoid eating that second piece of cake or buying an electronic toy you don't really need.
Nature exists independently of anyone trying to examine it scientifically.
They are trying to keep us away from public, media and families and lawyers.
Many governments are trying to shake up their lethargic legal systems in order to speed up bankruptcy proceedings.
Some locals feel insulted by those trying to help them.
Never had the opportunity to do the dating thing, or get caught up in trying to impress folks.
The simplest explanation is that he was trying to crash the airplane.
It's really about trying to make it as easy as possible for people to eat healthy.
Then she pushes down harder with her foot, trying to find the van's carpeted floor.
And of course, the people simply trying to grab a free lunch contributed mightily to the collapse.
Between chemotherapy cycles, she began trying to get her life back.
But there is an exception to the rule: these days, credit-card companies are trying to get rid of customers.
Show giraffe trying in vain to reach a piece of fruit high on a tree branch.
The answer is that studios, as they release fewer films, are increasingly focused on trying to develop franchises.
For a year and a half, he had been trying to write a script that he owed to a studio, and had been unable to produce anything.
Then he spent decades trying to build a life without ever having seen one.
The rest of the world is trying to find alternatives to these crucial materials.
For years, materials scientists have been trying to catch up with geckos.
The new companies are trying a variety of approaches aimed at reducing launch costs by a factor of ten.
The search giant also said that it is trying to provide better real-time data in search results.
For years, scientists have been trying to find ways to use the heat generated by lasers to weld skin back together.
Trying to design such a control circuit without the help of a computer would take a lot of trial and error.
Several other companies, including major telecoms, are trying variants on this pay-as-you-go approach.
For me is one of the cases where, trying to cover every aspect of the problem, then major security problems happen.
In the quest for longer life, scientists are trying to find the genes of longevity and bottle their benefits for all.
Some scientists are trying to inject signaling molecules into the eye to stimulate light-collecting photoreceptor cells to regrow.
For the past two years, he's been trying to induce it in the laboratory.
They are trying to tap these so-called hot electrons before their energy dissipates.
Researchers have been trying to get more precise results ever since.
To better treat wiring disorders, scientists are trying to understand how neurons form circuits.
We're trying to understand what the outbursts of activity mean.
That's kind of a big no-no when trying to argue a point.
By applying the laws of physics, he is trying to unlock the secrets inside.
The good news is that three-quarters of these obese teens said they were trying to lose weight.
From gruesome ancient rituals to modern pharmacology, mankind had been trying to discover what's really going on inside our heads.
The characters in these pictures are, at best, trying.
With respect to trying alleged war criminals, the administration now has two options.
We sit with our heads bowed as if trying to summon spirits, while in truth struggling to see what's on our dinner plates.
Yet he was always seriously at work on a number of projects that he was forever trying to get the financing for.
But by and large, finding humor in ancient art comes down to trying to detect it in the images themselves.
Our ethical responsibility includes trying to find appropriate conceptions of both of them.
They were cattle ranchers who were trying to hedge their exposure to the price of livestock.
And one of my favorite things about trying to live a little greener is how it can involve the whole family.
It was always about trying to put you through the experience, in your voluntary entrapment as well.
He's trying different things and making everything look amazing.
There were those who read his memoir and sensed that he was trying to tell the truth, without saying it out loud.
Imagine trying to remain calm and composed while working in the middle of a war zone, a natural disaster, or other crisis.
She said her office was trying to reduce the number as quickly as possible.
More than two months later, the dog's owners are still trying to sort out what happened.
Now his family has taken the unusual step of trying to win him asylum posthumously.

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