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Example sentences for trusty

And this weekend, her husband and a couple of trusty friends killed him.
But it would take a particularly enthusiastic math teacher to think of these trusty workhorses as beautiful.
We believe that the data of the experiment is reasonable, and so is trusty.
Trackless sands, trusty camels, and a trove of prehistoric art.
Company accounts, once a trusty guide, were ill-equipped to measure the strange things going on in the new economy.
Their trusty, money-making formula has been blown up by real-world events, and it's all about to come down.
Even the best decisions and policies fail to win public approval if they are not delivered by a trusty figure.
It will be a harsher world getting ephemerides without his trusty name attached.
Turns out our trusty phones may be making us sick in a more direct way: by spreading bacteria in hospitals.
Yet even that trusty indicator can't tell you the precise time to jump in.
They have been our trusty bloodhounds, tracking down new medical knowledge for decades.
Satellite signals are slowed by bumping into particles, meaning your trusty navigator may lose its way.
No wonder consumers held on to their trusty fountain pens.
As they play, the trusty relates his fun-filled summer adventures to a friend.
Suddenly he turns about and lets fly with both his trusty guns.
It's more an ensemble production with trusty supporting players, including some memorable character actors.
It was getting dark but his house was less than a mile away, and he and his trusty bike had made the trip dozens of times.
The inmate trusty crews will be supervised by correctional officers equipped with radios and telephones.

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A trusty comrade is always of use; and a chronicler still more so.... more
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