trustful in a sentence

Example sentences for trustful

The organization recognizes the importance of developing a trustful, meaningful and productive team environment.
We also strive to maintain a productive trustful relationship through transparency and regular communication with state officials.
Establish and maintain a trustful, confidential and non-evaluative relationship with intern.
Youths tend to be trustful and will often let a friend drive when he or she has no business behind the wheel.
Ethnic minorities are less trustful of authorities and the information they provide which may be related to this constraint.
Nominators shall make a trustful introduction of their nominees.
Ethical firms develop trustful relationships with their clients and establish stable, profitable relationships.
Counterintuitive, but it's because the people in the communities are now trustful of the police and, and make those calls.

Famous quotes containing the word trustful

Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me. They possess and enjoy early, and it does somet... more
in the grass near you your scions are uprising, fernlike, trustful.... more
Chaucer's remarkably trustful and affectionate character appears in his familiar, yet innocent and reverent... more
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