trussed in a sentence

Example sentences for trussed

He was dead, and his legs were trussed up as if a cowboy calf roper had used his lariat.
And about noon the lion took his little whelp and trussed him and bare him there he came from.
Jennet-wise, the stirrups short, the legs trussed up.
On the ground floor people net live fish and pick through tanks of frogs, trussed turtles and glistening chicken feet.
In one scheme workers smuggle trussed homing pigeons out to the mining areas in lunch boxes.
Another is trussed up and set before a golden cobra, which, promptly and predictably bites him in the face.
The spatial stability of the frame is insured by trussed arch framing.
The basically identical hangars are of steel frame construction with steel trussed arched roofs and wooden decks.
Once caught in sticky strands of the web, they are bitten and trussed by the spider, which later eats them.
When moving cylinders the valve protection cap must be installed and the cylinder should be strapped to a trussed handcart.
The sliding door shall be center hung from a one piece trussed trolley with built-in rollers for positive door alignment.
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