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Tree with long, straight trunk and usually narrow, dense crown.
Thinking fast, he found a long stick and tapped the trunk above the gecko.
Then, when the trunk appears too long to some, it sprouts branches.
They can occur almost anywhere on the body, but usually develop on the trunk.
Shearer now carefully inspects every tree before cutting and has been using metal detectors to check every trunk being processed.
Now comes a sonic burst, as a downy woodpecker drills into a nearby trunk.
Also, the rear badge moonlights as both a trunk handle and a cover that keeps the rear view camera clean.
Shrub or small tree with a short trunk and an open, spreading crown.
Trained as a tree, develops an attractive trunk and branch structure.
It is fashioned from aluminum, has a padded top and attaches to a nearby trunk with a nylon webbing strap.
With worried police officers and curious taxi drivers standing by, he opened his trunk.
Set up a boom box in the trunk so pedestrians will be alerted.
When the main trunk is damaged they send up multiple stems, a growing habit called a mallee.
Maybe it will jar somebody's memory, and they'll remember they have a trunk upstairs.
These branches should be well spaced along the trunk and should radiate in different directions so they don't shade each other.
When the main trunk dies, these offshoots keep going.
Years ago the spare in the trunk was simply an extra tire, identical to the four on the road.
But the best part was the petrified tree trunk that spanned the entire length of the room.
No wonder the video shows it being taken to the park in the trunk of a car.
They rely on the ability of water to form a thin unbroken tube, all the way up the length of the trunk.
Too bad the remote can't be used to load and unload your golf clubs from the trunk.
Meanwhile up above, an onlooker waits, scuffing his feet impatiently and swinging his trunk from side to side.
Remove side stems on the trunk up to the point where you want branching to begin.
Don't speed, don't drive aggressively and clean heavy debris out of your trunk.
The accused were then made to walk around in ever-decreasing circles until their intestines wrapped the trunk.
Often with twisting, leaning trunk and picturesque angled branches.
The prehensile trunk of the tapir has changed little in millions of years of evolution.
The spear had penetrated ten inches, rupturing her sinuses, which prevented her from using her trunk to drink.
It seems to have lacked a trunk but may have had a prehensile upper lip.
One elephant had lost the last part of its trunk in a snare.
Spread a layer of mulch around the plant, keeping it several inches away from the stem or trunk.
To paleontologists today, the large hole in the center of the skull suggests a pronounced trunk.
The map comes with a trunk of rich activities, games, props and educational resources.
Easily trained to a single trunk with a treelike top or as an espalier.
To keep the covers from blowing off, fasten them around the trunk and to the branches with wire or twine.
In multiple trials, she hid a wireless speaker in a fake tree trunk near each group of elephants, then drove away.
Stake seedling plants until a strong trunk develops.
He has an extended trunk and relatively short legs, a distinct advantage in the water.
The dark wall visible beyond the tree trunk the dog run.
At the same time, the elephant may raise its trunk to sniff at the wind.
Thoroughly cover the branches, stems, and trunk as well as the ground beneath the tree.
Also called a trunk industry: noun: activity that produces goods and services.
Protect them by creating a sod-free,mulched area around the trunk.
His head was bobbing from side to side to keep watch on us, his trunk testing the ground ahead.
Typically a strong-structured tree with heavy trunk and heavy, upright, spreading limbs.
The little orb veered to the right, slammed into the trunk of a red maple, and ricocheted into a clump of woods.
Often with twisting, leaning trunk and picturesque a more add to my plant list.
Reduce the weight of your vehicle by removing unnecessary items from the trunk and roof rack.
Using a sharp knife, peel away the fibrous skin of the broccoli and then cut the pale inside trunk into matchstick-size batons.
Yes, there's the extraordinary exception in which a student has a bazooka in his trunk, but c'mon.
Traditionally, biologists have celebrated the trunk, branch and twig system of a tree as no accident.
If that enemy is in a ditch, a nearby object-a tree trunk behind or to the side of the ditch, perhaps-will do.
His trainer reports that he now turns up his trunk at anything less than a ten-cent coin.
And why stop with the roof of the car, why not design the trunk and hood to also house thin film solar cells.
Near the base of one maple, she found a beetle sprinkled with sawdust, its head submerged in a dime-size hole in the tree's trunk.
Grabbing hold of a tree trunk next to the bin, the vine had climbed a small maple and entirely covered it.
It is at these tiny crossings that our memories are made: not in the trunk of the neuronal tree, but in its sprawling canopy.
So she carried it in a duffel bag in her trunk for a week, while she and her boyfriend considered what to do.
There was another paratrooper in the back, one more curled up in the trunk.
The redwood's trunk tapers sharply, its soft, matted bark shadowy with dust and spiderwebs.
On closer observation, he noticed that it had a trunk.
The tree's trunk is fifteen feet across at the base.
She had brought the folder with her, in the car trunk.
From the pit of a cherry he carved a ring of thirty-six elephants, each holding in its trunk the tail of the elephant before it.
They use this trunk to grab branches and clean them of leaves or to help pluck tasty fruit.
He uses his teeny three-foot trunk to get into everything.
Even if you stuff it in the trunk, you'll still look eco-chic and civilized.
It might be one slightly different tree trunk, a path winding through, or a splash of color on a flowering vine.
The base of each trunk features an power outlet that can be used to juice up your eco ride as you run errands.
The fifth and sixth cervical unite soon after their exit from the intervertebral foramina to form a trunk.
She said the elephant wrapped its trunk around her arm, pulled her off the ground and bit her right hand.
No holes in the trunk for the nitrous bottle either.
These cysts are usually found on the face, neck, and trunk.
As the vines age the trunk becomes thick, woody and gnarled.
Height decreases, primarily caused by shortening of the trunk and spine.
The rear seats were removed and in their place a steel trunk, which can be locked with padlocks, was made and fixed to the car.
For example, the ownership is normally determined by the trunk.
While the adults forage, the juveniles climb the trunk of a fallen tree and play king of the mountain.
The trunk is delivered to their room for their private use.
And almost none when the top's down because it stows in the trunk.
And their fuel tanks take up more space in the trunk of the cars.
The game is played within the hips, the legs and the ability to use your trunk as a weapon.

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