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Growing your own salad greens trumps buying grocery lettuce any day.
Climate change, for many, trumps any fear of nuclear energy.
Climate change, tor many, trumps any tear of nuclear energy.
Climate change, to many, trumps any fear of nuclear energy.
In such scenarios, human suffering trumps both dramaturgy and discourse.
But, in any balancing of the current threats to the economy, the danger of stagnation trumps the danger of inflation.
Apple is cool and trendy right now, and that trumps everything else in their eyes.
Ultimately, experimental evidence trumps speculation any day of the week.
The second step in the pasta-making process is where technology trumps tradition.
Interestingly, texture generally trumps taste with insects because of their exoskeletons.
Sometimes, finding a way to keep a meaningful rural existence trumps city life.
And that last question is the one that trumps all questions.
Still, it's difficult to say a media revolution in one country trumps world-historical change elsewhere.
If it is true that the bottom line trumps all, it seems investing in tobacco is a good move for an insurance company.
Nothing trumps good genetics, and an active, healthy lifestyle of prevention.
Meanwhile, even the silly freeway theory trumps this one.
For management, convenient and cheap always trumps secure.
Yet, chemistry trumps logical thought and in that no statistics seem to make a difference.
The role of insulin in regulating blood sugar trumps this simple statement.
Faith trumps logic and empirical knowledge among the faithful without exception.
In this situation, it seems to me that environmental technology trumps the emptiness of a roofline.
When corporations have a choice between profit and the public safety, profit always trumps safety.
It's called overconfidence: when confidence trumps accuracy.
Once again, the actual evidence trumps the incomplete knowledge and theory.
It already strains morale when research trumps service so thoroughly.
The second dimension trumps the first in elite definitions of cultural criticism, but not for working critics.
On the other hand, a strong interview never trumps a weak writing sample.
The original sin-taking any position at all-trumps all these other legitimate concerns.
Indeed, being cognizant of the work of others often trumps original and heterodox thinking.
Acknowledging the problem and putting policies in place is much more likely to help promote the idea that merit trumps marriage.
Where research trumps teaching there is no place for parents.
Your policy of keeping faculty perpetually vulnerable trumps any other procedure you may think affords them protection.
But it will be interesting to see what discovery in chemistry trumps it.
The need to build a new place to live every few weeks trumps familiar domestic comfort as a promoter of social cohesion.
But in both theory and practice, the inflation part of this mandate trumps the employment part.
Booze, being the quick reward, normally trumps the other option.
In science, observation always trumps theory, no matter how elegant the theory might be.
The common denominator, which trumps even criminality, is loyalty.
Though pragmatism trumps principles in all the parties, it is possible to discern differences in ideology.
Inevitably, moments arrive when drama trumps science.
Prejudice does, though, and snarky labels can be quite successful in a world where infotainment trumps reality.
The empirical world trumps our preconceptions, even our preconceptions about nothingness.
Good point though, regular exercise, sleep and a good diet trumps all other alternative and conventional treatments.
But let's fess up to the fact that diplomatic prudence trumps veracity.
Unfortunately for them, in this game reality always trumps everything else.
In essence, we're seeing a new relationship to property-where access trumps ownership.
The investigative scientific inquiry trumps rote memorization any day.
As we've noted before, the creative always trumps the tedious but don't get carried away with your literary prowess.
If a consumer asks a company not to call, however, that request trumps an existing business relationship.
We've seen what happens when caution trumps courage.
The colorful misbehavior of college students trumps considerations of college students' relationships with their families.
Anticipation trumps such things as imagination, vision, patience and perseverance.

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