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Example sentences for trumpet

Universities are serving themselves here as well, so that they can trumpet how diverse they are.
The beasts trumpet loudly, flap their ears and turn in circles.
First come the high clear notes of the ceremonial trumpet.
He owns television stations and newspapers that trumpet his causes and lambast his rivals.
Paper after paper begins with a trumpet fanfare and ends with a plaintive bleat.
No independent scientific researchers trumpet whole-language's virtues.
Private-label designers for major department stores trumpet the fidelity of their imitations.
But he cannot wait for his honor, now the trumpet has been blown.
His voice, once a mighty trumpet of faith, was soft and thin.
He has taught himself to play guitar, drums, piano and trumpet.
Apart from rustic tone of the first trumpet, these were elegant readings, relaxed but majestic.
The government may trumpet this success as the product of its own wisdom.
Baker was arguably a somewhat more expressive trumpet player than he was a singer.
Here a conical trumpet is attached to spectacle frames in an attempt to solve this problem.
Chanterelles are funnel- or trumpet-shaped and have wavy cap edges.

Famous quotes containing the word trumpet

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