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Why subjective anecdotes often trump objective data.
Bid whist is similar to spades, except that players can call the trump suit.
My belief is that what is fair should trump the danger of an un-collegial reaction by the other professor.
In space travel, as in politics, domestic policy should usually trump grandiose foreign adventures.
Targeted investments can trump a region's geographic disadvantages.
University lawyers often bump up against an athletics world where speed and money trump legal deliberation.
Unfortunately, state law does not trump federal law.
Life-support systems and research gear trump dishwashers and portable electronics.
And fair enough, if your values trump your job, then change jobs or work in a sector where your values are not in conflict.
Data may trump sentiment when those with no sentiment are the producers.
The cost issues will trump any dissent about the quality of the process.
Many governments, particularly poor and despotic ones, argue that national sovereignty should always trump humanitarian issues.
Reason should always trump the mythology of current religions.
Basic economics will often trump environmental considerations.
That's a trump card to put an end to debate, not an argument.
It does not claim that business interests or moral values trump the scientific consensus.
But now, armed with a scanner, two people totally biased and loaded with prejudice try to trump up these parroting as plagiarism.
Real measurements trump correlations and computer models not some of the time, but every time.
Methane can probably trump all other climate factors when enough of it gets loose.
Your personal politics, and environmentalism, should not trump truth.
Ethnic divisions, in particular, can trump demography.
Those certainly are endearing features, and for consumers who crave versatility, they trump the tablet's annoyances.
Trump, however, believes-or says he believes-that it might have happened elsewhere.
It's time for science fact to trump science fiction.
There was no enormous outcry and you've yet to justify why public opinion should trump sound science.
For each debating strategy you might come up with he has a response that will trump you.
Declarer would have done best to win with dummy's ace and play a trump.
Declarer won the first trick with dummy's club ace and ran the trump ten.
Legal parentage is not always predicated on biological parentage, and intent may trump biology.
The secret is to ruff the first trick with a high trump.
Its writ can trump that of national governments when the single market is thought to be at risk.
The demand for new infrastructure, or simply property, can be more than enough to trump the appeal of conservation.
He was also naive in insisting that scientific reasoning would trump political thought and religious teaching.
There is a legal argument for this position, but politics would almost surely trump it.
But domestic politics now trump any diplomatic concerns.
Economic incentives cannot always trump a shift in values.
As losses mount in the euro zone, capital may trump liquidity in determining credit growth.
Notoriously, the traffic police would even trump up charges against pedestrians to solicit bribes.
It holds meetings that shadow formal board meetings and often trump their decisions, particularly on staff appointments.
In this case, prolongation of life should trump reproduction.
But raw power couldn't trump weaknesses such as sub-par braking and body rattles.
So making sure that profit doesn't trump mission is critically important.
When he played today's four hearts, he ruffed the second diamond, led a trump to dummy and returned a club.
South won with the king and led a trump: four, ten, queen.
He pitched dummy's last heart on his king of clubs, ruffed a heart in dummy, came to a high trump and ruffed a club.
He continued with a trump to dummy's eight, the king of trumps and a club to his ace.
East discarded a diamond when declarer led a trump to the king, and a relatively simple contract suddenly posed quite a problem.

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