truculence in a sentence

Example sentences for truculence

Destructive truculence is why you have governments telling companies exactly what they must disclose.
On and on they went until the feeling of celebration became self-congratulatory to the point of truculence.
Economists predict that greed will quickly wear down foreign investors' truculence.
Only it can unite our bodies with the vast truculence of the universe.
But nothing in contemporary art matches his poetic compound of modesty, truculence, and wit.
The whole history of their movement is one of intransigence and truculence.
And by speaking tactfully, she might have persuaded the kids to behave more gently without driving their dad to truculence.

Famous quotes containing the word truculence

At that, his small size, keen eyes, serviceable beak and general truculence assure his survival—... more
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