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Example sentences for truant

Kids playing hooky and the truant officer gets his comeuppance in the end.
The first tour of the season to discover and report truant school-boys was made yesterday by the truancy agents.
By then, the days were long gone when truant officers had prowled the streets and visited homes to pick up hooky players.
Few students played truant or arrived late, and they waited for permission to sit down.
Several have been sent by the courts for getting in trouble or being truant.
The date is drawing near, and there are no more extra days to be won by playing truant.
They are not street mongers who are truant from their probation meetings.
He beat his mutinous pupils with his violin bow, and they retaliated by playing truant.
All were frequently truant from school and committed dozens of muggings and burglaries as teenagers.
Rios did, with the help of a teacher at the school from which he had long been truant.
One-parent students were consistently more likely to be late, truant, and subject to disciplinary action.
The number of truant students out in the community and day time crime committed by truant students.
If there was no improvement, the student was referred to the truant officer.

Famous quotes containing the word truant

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