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Combine the trout and the scallions in a food processor and process, pulsing until everything is finely chopped.
Fishing is one thing, being the trout in a party game seems much worse.
The gigantic fish is the world's largest salmonid the family of fish that includes salmon and trout.
Unfortunately, lake trout and these carp usually occupy different habitats.
Add rotisserie chicken or smoked trout and you can call it dinner.
Before flushing that expired bottle of antidepressants down the toilet, consider whether trout really need a serotonin boost.
Such articles of yours work as bait for trout fishing.
On weekends, a host talks trout and reveals secret fishing holes.
The brown trout rose languidly, to an emerging mayfly barely larger than the head of a straight pin.
Once a trout even tugged on my zipper on the back of my dry suit.
Differential stress coping in wild and domesticated sea trout.
Her husband's parents might even catch some trout for the dinner.
Generally speak ing, a thunder-storm is regarded by trout fishers as putting a decisive stop to their operations.
The subject of coloration of flesh of trout is a much more intricate one than at first appears.
The first days of buck season and trout season are major holidays.
Upstairs was the general store and the restaurant, where you could get breaded catfish and rainbow trout.
It not only has the town's best smoked trout and whitefish fillets but is also an authentic fishing operation.
Trout are generally fresh-water fish, varying much in size and skin-coloring.
Fresh filet of butterfly trout, small potatoes, salad.
Whenever he recorded in his journal that he'd enjoyed a trout supper, it was certain that he'd ended the day content.
For an appetizer, try adding smoked catfish or trout with a little freshly grated horseradish.
The trout is caught by the fisherman's lure, the mouse by cheese.
Mayflies in streams where trout were released now forage at night to avoid the fast-swimming predators.
The waters contain numerous trout species, and you can rod-and-reel fish or fly fish.
Fishing lodges along these waterways offer pike, walleye, trout and salmon fishing.
Adults who are fishing for trout need to get a trout stamp on their fishing license.
It provides scenic mountain views and contains five salmon species, trout, sturgeon and steelhead.
If you've ever fished for wild brook trout, you know that they can hear your footfalls quite aways away.
She served cantaloupe soup, poached rainbow trout and strawberries with sour cream.
Yet fly fishermen who rescued many hundreds of brown trout from dried up tributary streams aren't blaming the weather.
On our four-day itinerary the only crowds you're likely to encounter will be of the elk, trout, and nebular variety.
There is a mystique about trout that is rivaled by no other fish.
Salmon and trout, during the freshwater stage of their life cycle, eat mainly aquatic insects.
Rainbow trout are also present during the sucker spawn.

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