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Lisa turned the trough for horses she once owned into a water garden.
The fountain's copper back and water trough define the smooth stucco wall.
We went into a crash program to build them a drinking trough and to pump water up from underground.
When dey got trough dere wasn't a chair or table wit a leg under it.
Bucket, fastened with iron, and near it a trough for the horses.
At the village-well a halt is called and the leaf-clad lout is dismounted and ducked in the trough.
Major research universities will never spend their vast wealth in endowments as long as they can feed at the public trough.
His water had dried up, and he rolled around in the stone bed of his trough, making that long sad sound that tigers make.
Making projections is particularly dangerous at the peak and trough of the cycle.
Our health care system is too much of a pig trough for insurance companies, for-profit hospitals, and certain types of doctors.
Wave height-distance from trough to peak, in meters.
Explain that each part of a wave has a name-the highest part of a wave is called the crest, and the lowest part is the trough.
Show how the highest part of a wave is called the crest, and the lowest part is the trough.
Once the crest overtakes the trough, the peak sharpens.
The chair is a milking stool, the bathroom sink an animal trough.
If the tsunami's trough reaches shore first, it sucks the water seaward, exposing the seafloor suddenly.
We catch our breath in a wind-scoured trough dotted with shallow blue tarns and little else.
The skipper was racing the engine full throttle, but the swells kept drawing us back into their trough.
On the outside of the surrounding wall is a small trough for dogs, the basin continually freshened with water.
There were two crusty-looking guys in weathered top hats and red bandanas leaning on a fence by a water trough.
But it is useful for feeders at the public trough to present an image of wide-ranging discussion.
He pointed out that if a marble rolls along a smooth trough tilted downward, it accelerates.
When a crest meets a trough they cancel, when a crest meets a crest they add together.
The runoff is collected in a pipe or a trough on the ground.
The absence of your body leaves a trough at one end, a crest at the other.
When the trough is full, its balance point is again at the center.
But then again, the oil industry is quite powerful and politicians feed freely at their trough of filthy money.
In some public pools it is required to walk through a trough containing an anti-fungal solution before entering the deck area.
The amount of melatonin released on a new moon would be at peak, and on a new moon would be a trough.
The food cupboard had a cloth cover dipped in a water trough, so evaporation chilled the meat, butter and milk inside.
They've been gorging themselves at the trough for too long.
Amenities include vault toilets, a watering trough, horse trailer parking and picket lines.
Gotta fill the trough for the unions and their backers.
Noshing down at one of the terminal concessions is about as convivial as a hog trough.
Find answers to frequently asked questions about parabolic trough solar technology.
Trough systems predominate among today's commercial solar power plants.
Markets start to rebound, on average, four or five months before an economy reaches its trough.
Their use is around ten times higher at its peak than at its trough.
The influx of billions of dollars will create long queues at the trough.
Though the fluctuation is not vast, it is enough to make a difference from peak to trough.

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