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Example sentences for troublesome

Observers in these light planes scan for potentially troublesome icebergs.
Rose chafers are particularly troublesome in sandy soils.
These troublesome effects, while unpleasant, are rarely life threatening.
In some areas, booming nutria populations have become troublesome as the animals develop a taste for farm fare.
Troublesome hypoxia is caused by excess nutrients resulting from human activities.
The project includes persuading farmers to have troublesome cheetah captured rather than killing them.
Stealing food is a particularly troublesome problem.
Finally, if it's really troublesome, you might want to ask your doctor.
What is more troublesome is the complete lack of any information at all about the study.
Equally troublesome, research findings at the edge of the field don't always translate easily into pedagogical practice.
However, this is in the context of having troublesome majors to contrast with.
Technology keeps people connected in fantastic new ways but also introduces troublesome gray areas when it comes to communication.
Another way to sneak through troublesome areas is to team up with friends.
Two electrodes are then implanted into the troublesome part of the brain that triggers seizures.
Yet surprisingly, research shows that such efforts do little to improve academic performance or prevent troublesome behavior.
Eventually, if the volume of troublesome information becomes unsustainable, the orthodoxy must collapse.
Obesity has a neuropsychiatric component, which makes it especially troublesome to treat.
For him, the disease was troublesome but not life threatening.
Clearly the wine's been seeping into your arguments which have become untethered from any troublesome actual facts.
Which is troublesome because the social sciences cannot be regarded as true science.
At this stage in the campaigns, it is troublesome that people are not clear on where the candidates stand.
There are lots and lots of checks built into the system so that the majority of troublesome products are weeded out pretty early.
What is troublesome is that the two examples he has used for wasteful earmarks have been science related.
The scientist and his troublesome laboratory are also destroyed from the air, in this instance by a space ship.
But that others might find it troublesome is deeply distressing.
There are two parts to this, and one is more troublesome than the other.
When both a suspect in the shooting and a particularly troublesome parole violator were arrested, gang tensions eased.
The report enables the judge to arrive at reasoned answers to troublesome questions.
But it adds, tantalizingly, that these same troublesome genes play a critical role in our species' astounding success.
Especially troublesome are pieces of the more than a hundred rockets and satellites that have exploded in orbit.
Of course, the obese aren't the only troublesome bunch.
Can't trust them not to grease the skids for the final exit of the troublesome poor.
The mosquitoes were sometimes rather troublesome at night.
Repeatedly having to remove your mask to rinse out the condensation can be both troublesome and tiring.
Bring plenty of bug spray since mosquitoes can be troublesome from spring through early fall.
They were struggling to fold troublesome solar panels.
But the troops have become troublesome, even rebellious, of late.
More troublesome will be keeping the city free of what the party regards as undesirables.
Many bars and restaurants still prefer the yakuza to the police for handling troublesome customers.
Troublesome lawyers who insist on defending people the government doesn't want defended are themselves prosecuted.
Everyone who hears that percentage will know it is fraught with troublesome forebodings.
And the troublesome data from placebo-controlled antidepressant trials is not unique to this type of drug.
But the price for fixing his poor short-term conduct might be an even more troublesome outcome in the future.

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