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Example sentences for trot

Apparently they're not inclined to trot them out before a jury of their peers.
When they are hunting with their packs, wolves set out at a smooth, easy trot.
To trot out another overdone cliche, if at first you don't succeed, try and try again.
He and his handler literally trot through the customs hall to cover the territory fast enough to clear everyone quickly.
As you trot around your globe, you are guided through a story line that boasts incredibly unique territories.
Apologists for the financial markets always trot out venture capital when they want to discourage increased regulation.
She did a little trot to arrive at the door a fraction of a second earlier, expressed her thanks and then erupted in laughter.
What matters is that they don't trot out their television persona in the part, but engage with the character.
War is always a good occasion to trot him out, as are obfuscating politicians.
Set a beggar on horseback and he won't trot but gallops.
They are generally going at a slow trot, as that is the pace set them by the one they wait upon.
The old trot in a flurry ran to the head of the stairs and called for help.
He was leaving in the morning and they had agreed to take a long farewell trot by the cold moonlight.
He hadn't been drinking, and decided that if he took no more, it would be reasonably discreet for him to trot along in the party.
Often the dogs would trot into the meeting and run around the table barking.
The faithful prayed day after day for three years on the trot, and dispatched dozens of missionaries abroad.
They also trot out the same discredited arguments replete with misplaced scientific jargon.
And, please, don't trot out that old lie about skewing the figures to get grants coming in.
After four decades, they trot out the same lying bag of fears.
With all the commotion, one moose wisely bolts, clambering over a fence and heading off in an ungainly trot.
Make sure your animal is in good condition, keep it under control and don't ride faster than a trot.
Almost any company is happy to trot out statistics to prove it.
At this week's party, the center will offer lessons in swing and fox trot, followed by social dancing.
Trot lines can be purchased, but homemade varieties are easy to make and much cheaper.
Fish set or trot lines baited with live green sunfish or goldfish near fencerows and timbered flats and points near the channel.

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