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Example sentences for tropical fish

Invasive species are appearing, including tropical fish and pythons, which have spectacular fights with the alligators.
Behind the bar is a large tank of colorful tropical fish.
Through the clear blue-green shallows he could see neon flashes of color as tropical fish glided along the reef.
There were tons of colorful tropical fish that were great to snorkel with.
On too many mornings, one of the nine tropical fish in his aquarium would greet him belly-up.
He works out chess problems and collects tropical fish.
Anywhere that is sunny and has warm, tropical seas also has coral reefs and plenty of colorful tropical fish.
Watch for corals, tropical fish, living sponges and crustaceans are commonly sighted.
Dolphin cove also has an aquarium where you can view stingrays, eels, sharks and tropical fish.
The corals teem with colorful tropical fish, such as surgeonfish, sergeant majors and the coral-munching parrotfish.
You're likely to see a wide variety of tropical fish here.
On this submarine adventure, you will see a large number of tropical fish and marine life.
Local dive shops run daily excursions to an offshore island with coral forests full of vivid tropical fish.
Or, put on your snorkeling gear and step into the waters to see a variety of tropical fish.
The colorful reef is thick with tropical fish, and some big stingrays have been seen in the sands around the corals.
The old tug now serves as the home for corals, sponges and numerous tropical fish.
The over-the-water cabanas have transparent windows in the floors for watching tropical fish.
While no reefs are in the area, you can see plenty of colorful tropical fish.
Spatial and temporal variation on tropical fish trophic networks.
Although it can be done, it is not a good idea to mix coldwater fish with tropical fish, since one will be compromised.
Household pets such as tropical fish and birds may require special care.
Changes affecting import and export of seahorses and other tropical fish.
The importation of tropical fish, reptiles, or amphibians for sale as pets generally does not require a permit.
Vibrant coral reefs and tropical fish fill its surrounding waters.
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