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The market is now glutted with tropical fruits of all kinds.
In this lesson students will learn about different kinds of tropical storms throughout the world.
Tropical cyclones remain nature's fiercest storms.
Every evening, as twilight blankets the tropical world, the air grows thick with disease on the wing.
Fruit bats are important seed dispersers in tropical forests.
Tropical sprue is a condition seen in residents of, or visitors to, tropical areas.
Such a system would not aim, as a matter of principle, to stop all tropical deforestation.
Most are found in tropical and subtropical ocean waters, but some species live in brackish and even fresh water.
Tropical accessories on the deck and throughout the garden turned this entry into a personal paradise.
Findings in northern regions of preserved hippo predecessors, tropical plankton and pollen from tropical palms support the idea.
It is indisputable that farming is helping to level the world's tropical forests.
Seidel said she has not determined the cause of this tropical belt widening.
Genomes of three tropical parasites are sequenced.
The coconut has long been a staple of cuisine in tropical places.
But weather continues to threaten delay as wave after wave of tropical storms moves through the region.
Tropical cyclones, which account for much of the damage the sea does to the land, may become less frequent.
Tropical glaciers have not fared well in the new millennia.
The federally funded agency predicts where tropical cyclones will go and how strong they will be when they arrive.
Air warmed by tropical waters flows up through a hurricane and is vented through the eye into the upper atmosphere.
The occupiers improved the infrastructure and tackled tropical disease.
Contemporary curricula strongly emphasize the study of tropical rainforests.
Conservationists often argue in favor of preserving tropical forests to maintain biodiversity.
Tropical cyclones are large powerful storms that rotate around a central area of extreme low pressure.
Add tropical ice and the equatorial bulge would grow, increasing the disparity.
And much of the country is covered with virtually intact tropical forests, thick with valuable hardwoods.
It is a world leader in research on tropical medicine, bioenergy and plant biology.
The impact is worse in tropical and subtropical countries.
Turn plain paper into fancy wrapping with a tropical star fruit and an ink pad.
Something new is happening under the tropical sun in this metropolis by the sea.
Back then, before it was troubled by drug traffickers, it was an easygoing tropical outpost.
Researchers have confirmed a long-suspected link between logging and the devastation of forest fires in tropical rain forests.
Richly colored tropical plants, some with flower clusters in bizarre shapes.
We sipped tropical drinks and watched the moonlit water.
The waters off the coast vary from frigid to temperate to tropical.
The results could help control the spread of mosquitoes that carry tropical diseases, such as yellow fever and malaria.
N ative to tropical regions, where they grow on trees.
Both of these tropical species are rather tender, small to medium-size feather palms with graceful foliage and attractive trunks.
Tropical forest deforestation could be almost entirely stopped by buying out the logging permits.
Climate change is also helping to spread tropical diseases to human habitations previously unaffected by such illnesses.
Grown for spectacular flowers, which bear a startling resemblance to the heads of crested tropical birds.
Contemporary curricula strongly emphasize the study of tropical rain forests.
Doing surgery in a tent on a tropical island is harder work than you'd think.
In sizzling tropical summers, spicy foods have a paradoxically cooling effect.
And if you find one with a hint of tropical fruit, you'll have a link to the sesame oil in the dish too.
For people in tropical areas where insect repellents and insecticides control mosquito-borne disease, it's a pressing concern.
The hammock's design brings to mind a graceful sailing ship that has come into the harbor of a tropical paradise.
In the wild, the birds live in tropical mountain forests.
She's painted some of them tropical colors to add a little pop to her mostly green garden.
Climate change is ridding the world's tropical mountain ranges of ice.
He has braved the tropical heat and rain, and now has to be constantly vigilant against cholera.
It was delightful to drift and paddle slowly down the beautiful tropical river.
Tiger sharks are common in tropical and sub-tropical waters throughout the world.
When the project wraps up this year, it will be the first time a complex tropical ecosystem has been catalogued in such detail.
So do hundreds of species of tropical birds and mammals such as monkeys.
Kraits cruise the shallow, tropical waters of coral reefs and mangrove swamps.
Ask students which species lives in temperate oceans and which lives in tropical areas.
Tropical primates on the perimeter of their range no longer had plentiful fruits and year-round streams and lakes.
Animals that live in a tropical dry forest must adapt to months of little rainfall followed by a brief season of heavy rain.
Some tropical storms, hurricanes don't stick to the season.
Rare tropical orchids can be few and far between in the wild, often separated by spotty landscape and human-made obstacles.
The relentless destruction of their tropical-forest habitat has endangered their entire species.
Countries with tropical-rainforest reserves should follow this pattern.
The cool green of the garden, filled with tropical plants and exotic birds, looks out over the distant lagoon.
Hardy types are the easiest to grow, but tropical varieties bloom longer.
Paired with a tropical fruit salad, these indulgent buns are perfect for a brunch party.
If one is fortunate, it may even get into bed with them or be taken on a vacation to a tropical island.
The trimmed marigold tastes much milder than the flower smells, of a lush tropical garden, herbaceous and pleasantly bitter.
These big tropical raindrops don't impact the forest floor directly.
The cars had wooden seats and windows open to the tropical breeze.
Think of tropical birds, perhaps, and angry monkeys.
Behind the bar is a large tank of colorful tropical fish.
The interior is covered with dense tropical vegetation bordering a lagoon.
The cells were protected by a low metal roof but were open to the tropical air.
She realized that she no longer was in a tropical zone.
They immediately decamped to rub their bare feet in the ship's plush carpet and order tropical drinks from the bar.
Warmer, wetter weather there is already fueling an increase in mosquito-borne tropical diseases such as dengue fever.
The tropical storm demolished buildings, isolated communities and marooned thousands of people.
It is tropical, suited to a lazy, roistering populace.
The tropical storm unleashes record rainfall, triggering landslides and flooding.

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