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In order to witness the triumphant return of our troops.
The advantages of producing your own fuel on-site when troops are stationed on foreign territory has obvious advantages.
And the queen ant sent her troops out to bring this large pile of manure back to the colony for provisioning.
The troops were in open-top trenches and they hunkered in the bottom of them.
Two troops encounter each other at midday at some sort of natural boundary--a river, for example.
Troops and police found that their radio frequencies were jammed and their telephones did not work.
Troops from across the country were shipped to battlefields around the world.
Several farms have been taken over by troops and civilian supporters of the government.
Safe havens near the borders could protect citizens but they would soon need defending against regime troops.
Networked computers could take data from battlefield sensors, identify targets and cut down the number of troops in harm's way.
Thousands of troops have already departed, leaving dozens of trailers and buildings completely empty.
His energy and his cool under fire made him popular among the troops.
It sounds good, but leads troops to avoid seeking mental-health treatment.
There are many ways that you can show your support for our troops, both individually and within your community.

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