trooper in a sentence

Example sentences for trooper

Cushy describes the trooper's dreamed-of easy life there.
The soldiers opened their circle to allow the trooper to crack the captured one across the back.
They dress in vintage formalwear instead of storm trooper costumes.
Another driver then slammed into the pulled-over car, instantly killing the trooper who was standing next to it.
We call the roll, up to the name of the missing trooper.
In the foreground is a clone trooper that did not actually move.
It's easy to see how that little wood sprite went on to study ecology and fashioned himself into an environmental shock trooper.

Famous quotes containing the word trooper

Well, on the official record you're my son. But on this post you're just another trooper. You heard me tell... more
Well, if it isn't Aurora Ratchett, goddess of the dawn, a sight for sore eyes.... I always think of Ebenezer Pritchett, ... more
For my part, I feel that with regard to Nature I live a sort of border life, on the confines of a world into which I mak... more
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