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Except for a mix of items found while traveling and trolling flea markets, the living room is uncluttered.
Here, his grandfather taught him to catch mackerel by trolling a little jig and handkerchief.
He took a sip of hot coffee and pushed a trolling rig out over the water, then went inside to scramble eggs on his marine stove.
Your group is having a problem because the trolling motors you are using cannot run continuously at full speed.
Otherwise, it's a special form of concern trolling that no one likes and that does not help.
Hatch has spent hours driving through the countryside, trolling for missing specimens sprouting along the road.
She gradually caught on that her new pal was trolling for an ally in a decade-long feud with another senior colleague.
What is needed is punitive damages for patent trolling.
While this intellectual stenography is sometimes effective, it also often will open up a company to patent trolling tactics.
Your trolling and search of authoritative position tells me of doubts of yours on what you say.
Trolling has rendered this thread unreadable, yet again.
Music and movie pirates may not be the only ones trolling peer-to-peer networks for booty.
He was intentionally trolling to stir up a lot of noise.
Sorry for attacking you if you are indeed no trolling and instead actually taking something away from this discussion.
And with more trucks trolling sidewalks, local food and wine experts are taking note.
Try trolling with live anchovies or shad, or lures and spoons that mimic shad.
Food and drink are plentiful, both from small beach-trolling carts and stand-alone restaurants and bars, at the touristy beaches.
The lake allows trolling motor or paddling exploration and a launch ramp is available.
Trolling about the college campus, one always experiences that cringe-inducing moment when a sartorial sin is spotted.
Give him a look if you're trolling for threes, particularly in deeper formats.
Trolling, casting and ice fishing during the winter are permitted.
More outdoor adventure awaits in the fall, when deep-sea trolling enters its peak season.
Use a variety of lures or try trolling with live bait, such as trout, gizzards or alewives.
Trolling with artificial or real squid is a common technique for catching big game fish, such as marlin.
While trolling, the electric outboard can run about eight hours on a battery charge, the company says.
It's all really fickle to talk about trolling online.
They should be sued when they do wrong, not when an enterprising member of the lawsuit industry goes trolling for a settlement.
The majority of anglers will be trolling, plunking, or fishing under a bobber or float.
If the ice is gone, trolling for trout and salmon begins.
Casting and trolling flies, lures, and bait are all effective open water techniques.
Anglers reported excellent fishing for cutthroat and lakers by either trolling or jigging.
We occasionally use an electric trolling motor on the canoes.
For many years, trolling accounted for nearly all of the fishing effort.
Bait type and fishing line arrangements used for trolling vary depending on the targeted fish species.
While anglers use a variety of methods to catch musky, two proven techniques are trolling and casting in the shallow weedy bays.
Planers, divers, or trolling sinkers are also effective for deep-water trolling.
Many rainbow trout and landlocked salmon are caught by trolling on the surface during spring and fall.
Persons in the boat who do not possess trolling permits are subject to normal trolling restrictions.
Anglers use several methods of catching these beautiful sport fish including trolling, spin casting and jigging.
Trolling has produced fish, as has jigging or soaking spawn.
Trolling or hand lining are effective methods for catching kokanee.
Anglers can use their own trolling motors if they desire.
In a situation where the wind is insufficient to move the boat, an electric trolling motor works well.
Trolling is perhaps one of the more popular methods this time of the year when fish can not be readily located.
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