troll in a sentence

Example sentences for troll

Sorry it's after midnight, must be my troll alter ego.
Even if a troll is kicked off an online forum, he can often simply sign up again under a different name.
The troll squashes an ill-fated automobile in his left hand.
You'll have to troll elsewhere to get your book sold.
One of our favorite activities is to troll some of the food and restaurant websites and seek our next destination.
Kodak doesn't fit our usual picture of a patent troll.
But you could reregister under another name that people don't remember the next time you want to start a troll thread.
Kate stays cool and teaches the witch and her sidekick troll how to play jacks.
Uh, then, gimme tiny humble troll the right to vote in elections over there.
In short, you know jack about science and an awful lot about being a troll.
Conducting a digital dragnet, they troll through commercial databases searching for debtors.
Another un-scientific troll speaks from emotion, not science.
But seriously, no one likes a troll on the economist.
Astounding how many woo-woo nuts troll these comments.
Go troll on a comedy website instead of acting any more of a fool here.
Thought you had lurked over to troll some other site.
Troll dolls making a comeback in a movie building.
They also troll lists of names with domain registrations set to expire, enabling them to get a jump on buying it.
Every post, however, that is civil and takes the topic in a new direction drains the troll's power.
But otherwise your troll attempt was a weak, incoherent ramble lacking in both style and substance.
Thanks for all the dreamers and the educated and even the occasional troll to fire people up.
The intent is to get attention and that's why they troll.
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