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Example sentences for trod

Manufacturing is following exactly the same path that farming trod earlier.
From my perspective it seems to be an altogether too often trod road in both directions.
In many villages, the water source is a filthy pond trod by animals and people, or a mud puddle out next to the yam field.
It's light and bright, but refusing to reveal anything about the sandals that once trod across it.
The elephants listened and made sure not to trod on the mice, even if they did eat almost every green thing in the forest.
It's a remarkable accomplishment, one that shows electric aviation is following a path trod by the earliest aviators.
All of which leads to a not-so-vague sense that this path has been trod before.
The models trod the sandy runway in open ankle boots or laced-up sandals.
There is nothing that moves the thrill meter for a baseball fan the way walking the path trod by baseball gods does.
To hardened backpackers, this sort of well-trod vibe is sometimes considered a liability.
She trod softly, so as not to waken him, and went through into the room beyond.
He tells you he wants to kiss the ground over which your delicate feet have trod.
What is even more extraordinary is the path he trod to get there.
Understandably: the forebears of today's toffs trod the same path themselves not long ago.
He trod the country organising local party committees, and later led the party's military wing.
In the course of this period, the administration trod on toes and made unforced errors.
The route from underdeveloped country to rapidly growing economy is increasingly well-trod.
Energetic visitors can walk to the top on a well-trod footpath, while the less adventurous can take a short taxi ride.
But reflecting that this was a temptation of the devil, he threw the apple on the ground, and trod upon it.
Only one small flock of whooping cranes trod between survival and extinction.
They may go down mathematical paths that their teacher had not trod.
We're here because of barriers she challenged and fought to tear down and paths she helped to forge and trod alone.
The time is now to get off the well-trod road in favor of the road less traveled.
World leaders and ordinary people have trod the halls.
He is now traversing a region which no army has trod.
In their tracks trod the pioneers who fulfilled that destiny.
In making these remarks, the government's trial attorney trod dangerously close to spoiling a conviction.

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