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It was a decent business, although too trivial for major oil companies.
It is the body of which roads are the arms and legs-a trivial or quadrivial place, the thoroughfare and ordinary of travelers.
Honey is trivial compared with the importance of pollination.
It would be well, if all our lives were a divine tragedy even, instead of this trivial comedy or farce.
For now, the technology is available in limited form and in somewhat trivial applications.
But these queries really are trivial, compared to the immense significance of the book itself.
Avoid disagreeing over the trivial parts of your opponent's position, and instead focus on the telling points.
It is clear that higher education needs to be rethought, and not in a trivial sense.
Most of those patterns are trivial enough so that two weeks to two months of practice should be sufficient.
In my view, it's a trivial statement which means far less that it appears.
Examples of the trend may seem trivial in isolation.
However, it does presume an ability to distinguish between what is serious and what is trivial, which is sometimes lacking.
Still, the study's recognition of the power of seemingly trivial interpersonal loss is enough to advance depression interventions.
Fortunately, for the needy tenure seeker, a bevy of journals have sprung up that will print your trivial contributions.
The solution there is inflation-adjusting your taxable profits, which is trivial in the computer age.
If all of this sounds technical or trivial, it's not.
It would be well if all our lives were a divine tragedy even, instead of this trivial comedy or farce.
Yet these programs remained laboratory curiosities and in time came to seem trivial and sterile.
The problem was that it wasn't trivial to get the position-time data of the flung birds.
Page noticed that while it was trivial to follow links from one page to another, it was nontrivial to discover links back.
Not a trivial problem, but made possible by the way operator networks exchange system information with their phones.
There were critics who would say this was all trivial tinkering, modest stuff of marginal utility.
The festival's participants would no doubt have enjoyed being online in more trivial situations.
He said it is a trivial simplification of his hypertext ideas, though cleverly implemented.
Instead, there have been a series of trivial sideshows.
Obviously, a network with a single clique is a trivial low-energy solution in which all people are friends.
My sources told me it's a trivial matter to make a verifiable voting system if you don't worry about privacy.
The loss of a language isn't a trivial matter, its the loss of the sum knowledge and experience of a culture.
Mathematics is not for a terribly trivial mind as you know quite well.
They don't find themselves with essentially no support once their trivial unemployment check has fallen off.
The challenges are not trivial, but the promise is great.
Let me give an example which, while seemingly trivial, has a bearing on this question.
If he believes it then should be trivial to find him saying it.
Manufacturing even a low yield fission bomb is no trivial matter.
But one trivial example is the acquisition of melodies of tunes.
It kind of seems trivial to me since there are way too many variables.
But writing a book on what would seem such a trivial subject seems a great feat let me simplify it for you.
And the messages irisin carries are not trivial-they seem to effect positive changes in the body.
The equations that describe reality today have more than one non-trivial solution.
All other direct heat inputs are trivial compared to the sun.
Dividends are a trivial component of share prices, and the industry's growth prospects are breathtaking, not boring.
But winning a board game is a trivial task compared with understanding the complexities and idiosyncrasies of human speech.
Its researchers noted that consumers feel empowered by saving even trivial sums of money, such a collections of pennies in a jar.
Some governments deem drug-counterfeiting a trivial offence, little more than a common irritant.
It all sounds trivial, but a few cents here and there multiplied by hundreds of millions of users soon add up.
It copies, reverse-engineers and acquires technology or pays trivial sums in royalties for highly valuable know-how.
Inquiries with much more trivial beginnings have grown to consume the country.
The cash amount off a government or corporate budget is trivial, and social work rarely does any active harm.
And it is trivial to moan about the graphical presentation.
Forbearance was a trivial portion of the gift package.
The cost of this is trivial compared to the cost of a space program.
With it, they barely showed any signs of illness and lost trivial amounts of weight.
If the moon contributes to causing earthquakes, its effect is trivial next to all the other factors.
It creates a unit of content even smaller and more trivial than the individual blog entry.
Today's poem names a connection between the trivial and the deadly serious.
The mathematics is often non-trivial, particularly if confidence intervals for the parameters are desired.

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