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Example sentences for triumphantly

Teach's flotilla triumphantly weighs anchor and heads north.
She proved that a queen could rule and rule triumphantly.
The projectors of great undertakings carried through triumphantly have acquired their power in this way.
Triumphantly discarding in an evening game of hearts.
With that, an era of linguistic nationalism was triumphantly launched.
The true revolution of the postwar era arrived with minimalism, which triumphantly reaffirmed the old, wicked chords.
In this demonstration she has succeeded triumphantly.
Then she opens the wardrobe and triumphantly pulls out her toy.
On the other side of the village, the hunter managed to triumphantly enter the village.
The only thing hilarious is that he thinks he is triumphantly comparing similar concepts.
Each triumphantly succeeded in finding her selection.
All evidence points to the fact that the program is succeeding triumphantly.
Carry it triumphantly in your ranks and bring it back with you, even if it should be rent in a thousand shreds.
Two airships, in opposite directions, purred triumphantly a they soared above the waiting committee boat.
The two are in a dialectical situation where again and again the one emerges triumphantly from the other.
Nelson and his friends paraded- the streets triumphantly.

Famous quotes containing the word triumphantly

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