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The troupe distilled and energized the milieu of anomie, satirizing the lame old regime in a triumphant revolt.
If they had got through, it would have been a triumphant breaching of the blockade.
But that's not the only thing that's infused into the song's triumphant vibe.
The university, however, has sounded a similarly triumphant note.
The triumphant reign of pterosaurs ended with this giant flier.
It's the one with the triumphant cackling coming from the back room.
The reward for a triumphant venture, however, can be in the millions.
So, evidently, is this article as can be seen by the accompanying triumphant picture above.
The picture shows the tattered but triumphant safe after the would-be-thieves gave up and walked away.
Cable and satellite television was a good business going into the recession and is now triumphant.
He takes a triumphant step forward and pitches flat on his face.
But amid the triumphant tales of e-mails that end in wedding bells, a growing number of online daters are voicing complaints.
The time was ripe for a triumphant return to television.
At the end of any round of trade talks, a triumphant breakthrough backed by all sides can be announced.
But the ax's popularity extended well beyond that decorated power trio of triumphant guitarists.
But compared to cosmology it is a triumphant example of the human mind struggling with nature on the deepest level.
Triumphant bulls have come up with many different explanations for the markets' exuberance.
Then came stagflation, taxpayer revolts, fiscal crisis and a triumphant revival of free-market ideas.
They rummage around in the basket until, with a triumphant cry, they pull a rolled-up piece of paper out of one of the apples.
Then, out of the blue, along came an offer to fill on a temporary basis writing speeches for our triumphant governor.
With white satin pageant sashes, they stood at the edge of the dining room, more tentative than triumphant.
It cast a dismal sheen on the protests which, at this time yesterday, had seemed almost triumphant.
The book, moving toward its triumphant conclusion, is a wonder.
Although he was in ankle chains, his entrance was triumphant.
No better and more triumphant apologia was ever written.
In order to witness the triumphant return of our troops.
The lady was mounted on her horse, and led away by her triumphant lover.
But that griminess lends the film a mood that-despite the triumphant climax-infiltrates you, rather than pumps you up.
Between these two margins come many wistful, pleading, or triumphant notes.
Consumers felt better about the nation and may have spent more, triumphant as the war ended.
One would expect, therefore, that this book would have a triumphant tone to it.
She broke into the midst of it with a fragment of some triumphant, jubilant melody.
Its installation is at once triumphant and bittersweet.
In spite of her sadness that day, she looked strangely triumphant.
He re-emerges with a splash and a triumphant whoop, pushing his hair out of his face.
Legendary champions will make triumphant returns while up-and-coming pilots vie to challenge the rule.
She made the trial with fear and trembling, and her success has been triumphant.
The country was united, the military was triumphant, the mood was resolute.

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